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Having a lot of trouble attaching the Coral XP car seat to the Lila stroller. As well as a lot of other features on the Lila stroller. I watched every YouTube video, read every review, and I’m having the hardest time attaching the car seat can not get it to click. Although when the box for the stroller came, it was open. It may be possible a defective stroller that had been returned. Going a little insane, not going to lie. I bought this car seat because it looked easy, and the stroller was supposed to be compatible - but now it’s just a giant headache.

  • Easy one hand fold down
  • Mosquito net
  • Infant insert
  • Light to steer
  • Flat recline for naps
  • Faux leather handles are very comfortable
  • Large accessible brakes
  • Sturdy
  • Great baby seat height for parents- not too high or low
  • Comes with everything you need
  • Comfy padding for bub
  • Removable bag
  • Bulky fold
  • Heavy
  • Cheap wheels
  • No suspension
  • Bottom bag falls and slides out occasionally
  • Not great on suburban streets and tough terrain

As a first-time parent, this pram looked so ideal after comparing the value and all the features it has.

I loved it at first, slowly not so much after realizing just a few things that could have changed my mind if I had known better. What I do love is the simplicity of use of all the features. The mosquito net came in handy and is probably my most favorite feature. Also, the infant insert is so perfect for newborns, and the brakes are extremely handy being flip-flop friendly. It also attracted me as it felt less bulky out of other large-sized prams, although this probably means my child might outgrow it faster?

The things I don't love are the lack of suspension - if there's even any? It rides super smooth on smooth surfaces and steers so easily around corners etc.; however, on bumpy footpaths and grass, it's terrible and extremely bumpy for bub. The removable bag on the bottom I feel could have been better if they had an option of attaching to the pram, as sometimes I find the bag sliding out and falling straight off the pram, especially when you don't have much stored in there.

I think the pros outweigh the cons, so I am overall still happy with it; my husband loves it. We have yet to use it in duo mode.

  • Sturdy chassis tubes
  • Fabrics quality is gorgeous
  • Newborn-friendliness
  • Accessories available (like the extra basket or newborn cocoon)
  • Easy-to-use brake
  • Bulky fold
  • Wheels feel cheaper, the pushchair clacks and clicks when moved
  • Not spacious for the child, won't last that long
  • Price is a bit high

The chassis feels sturdy, but the wheels feel much less so. The pram is also very bulky, even folded. I love how the fabrics feel high-quality, but somehow details are not as good as they should (mostly joints and wheels). And the part where you put your baby are somehow small - not spacious. But it looks very pretty, so I guess as a starter pram, it could work for those with larger car boots.

I thought it was good, but it's not at all

  • Sturdy (at first)
  • Overpriced
  • Not strong/sturdy after some time
  • Breaks easily
  • Too big
  • Company was not helpful

I bought this product as I thought it would last for a long time, and it also can be used as a double pram when you buy the part... I do not recommend buying this product - I bought mine only 8 months ago brand new, paid €799 for it (without the car seat) - I did not mind as I thought it was good, but it's not at all. The wires came out of the mosquito net, the handle is wobbly, and the wheel is broken - it won't turn. I've written to the company, and they were not much help, I do not recommend this pram!!

  • Beautiful design
  • Upholstery
  • Tandem option
  • Newborn insert
  • Integrated mosquito net (in the hood)
  • Bulky
  • Heavy
  • Less generous in space
  • Hard to get up curbs with the older sibling in the front
  • Not much suspension

As a tandem, you need to lift the front side up a curb, and that is where the older, therefore heavier child sits. Not the best design for that, it's quite difficult. But it looks good, the upholstery is so softly padded, and the canopies are also nice. It's bulky and on the heavier side, but for a sibling pram, it's fine. The insert for the newborn is such a good thing. The seat could be more spacious, though.

We bought it as a stroller for our kids that have one year between them. We are happy with it.

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