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  • pretty (I chose the black-grey version)
  • light and compact
  • price
  • folding by itself even with the child inside!
  • bad brake mechanism
  • extreme wear of the wheel even if used only occasionally - just around the house or to go to the playground
  • unstable, when in the laying position

Good day to all,

I have a negative experience with this buggy and I do not recommend it at all. I am not one of the people who criticize everything, and this is my first negative review. Before this buggy I had a 3in1 combination (Camarelo), which I used (without a single complaint) with all 3 children - that just shows I am not overly demanding.

When my son started walking, I decided to get a light stroller that doesn't take up much space, just for short rides in the city. I started using the Jam in the spring. On the second day of use, it folded spontaneously when my son was sitting in it. By the time I got home, he had collapsed a second time, at a pedestrian crossing. I immediately took it to the store for a complaint, where they exchanged my piece for piece, for which I was very grateful, as I immediately had a functional one available, no waiting for repairs. A month later, the brake broke on the cat, it came loose, it was no longer possible to step on it with the pad, so it stopped braking. As soon as I went to complain again to the store, they sent it for a check and returned it repaired a month later, "repairing it at their own expense" to maintain the reputation of Mamakiddies. They told me to use the brake according to the instructions, which surprised me very much - there is just a bar between the wheels that you have to step on when wanting to brake. There is no specific instruction on how to brake.

I continued to use it, mostly for short rides (for bad terrain walks or afternoon sleep, I used a more robust stroller car from our old 3in1 set). After 3 months, the frame began to fold itself just so again - and again, when my son was sitting in it, which is extremely dangerous. So, another visit to the store and complaint, this time the staff started to be hostile, they did not believe us that the buggy folded by itself (since the seller tried it for a bit and it did happen to him then and there) - and the seller even claimed that he himself sat in the stroller after I first complained about it and left the faulty piece in the store (they sold it to someone else after that, I learned, that bad piece).

In any case, after a month of the complaint process, they returned it to me "repaired at the seller's expense", but they do not formally accept the complaint. We were told that we were folding it incorrectly, but it is also true that there is only 1 way to fold it so I don't know what was incorrect there. They claimed that the buttons were not pushed enough, and the stroller was being overloaded (my son was 9.5 kg and this should be up to 15 kg) - this in itself contradicts the logic (either it is overloaded or the button is not pressed enough).

Within a month, the stroller got broken again, the brake did not brake again. My husband and I firmly believed that they would return the money to us at the store after this many problems - because we were really not interested in waiting to resolve the fourth complaint with no stroller in hands for a month - the dissatisfaction and unreliability of the product and the brand was obvious. As soon as they returned it to us not repaired (!) after a month, they did not accept the complaint with the reason that we had lifted the stroller holding the brake (which is practically impossible and especially there is no reason for it to be lifted that way as the is a the handle) - so they say we broke the brake doing that.

The report also stated that we handed it over dirty - even if we did an examination with the saleswoman, and there was no dirt at that time nor later on when it was returned. We were accused of unprofessional intervention because I put velcros on the bottom of the stroller, which was to prevent the basket from hanging and dragging on the ground (despite the fact that it was never overloaded). I only put velcro there so that I wouldn't complain because of the basket as well as I would again wait a month for resolving that and not be able to use it - as the time of the complaint was always a month. As another fault of ours, they stated that we made the wheels lopsided and worn out. They accused us of exerting excessive pressure on the braking system, which is incomprehensible, since there is only one way of braking.

The Mamakiddies Jam baby was damaged 4 times in the 9 months we owned it (2x brake error, 2x self-folding error) and was in service for 3 months out of those 9. I am convinced that the stroller's defects are either of a production nature - because of it being of very poor quality, so I am writing this review, which I hope will warn other potential customers.

At the store, I told the saleswoman that I would definitely not recommend their products to anyone, and she told me with a smile that she doesn't care and ite would not hurt them in any way, that there would always be people to buy their products. I firmly hope that this is not true.

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