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  • Light
  • Reversible sitting part
  • Large canopy
  • Good basket access
  • Spacious basket
  • Excellent maneuvering
  • Good for urban terrain
  • Nice price
  • I kick the rear axle
  • A bit harsher activating the brake
  • A bit rattly on bumpy roads

A very nicely priced, lightweigth pushchair better for around town. Easy to steer - it can tackle curbs, cobblestones, bumps on the sidewalk OK. The canopy covers the whole child up to the bumper bar. There is also a cup holder, a foot cover, a mosquito net, and a rain coat included.

  • good looking
  • reversible
  • adjustable handle
  • rubberized wheels
  • enough seat space
  • value for money
  • looser central joint
  • not completely all terrain

A very neat looking pushchair. Great for the price. A bit looser in the central joint (right out of the box) but can tackle usual everyday terrain and it’s reversible. I also like the rubberized wheels and the large canopy. We’ve got the flower pattern version.

Very nice to look at

  • (flowery) design
  • easy fold
  • driveability
  • plastic button on the handle
  • smelll right out of the box

The stroller is very nice to look at - especially the flower version, which I like so much (and bought, there was no other choice, really!). It is very easy to drive around with. The folding and unfolding mechanism works smoothly and is not difficult to do.

One of my niggles would be the quality of the plastic folding button on the handle and the plastic-y smell of the stroller. Also, it is a bit difficult to lift the front wheels to climb a high curb, but it is probably because of the reversibility. The button, even if cheap-looking, works OK, and the weird smell disappeared quickly, so I can recommend it.

OK for the price

  • simple but effective

It is OK for the price. I can recommend it

Easy, quick folding

  • easy, quick folding
  • no carry handle

I recommend the Kinderkraft Allroad.

  • price
  • looks
  • pu leather handle
  • seat space
  • cheap feel of the buggy
  • cheap fabrics
  • rattly front swivel wheels

I didn't like it as much as I wanted to; it rattles a bit (or more than a bit). On the other hand, it was really cheap, and I had a very limited budget + wanted something new (not preloved). The seat space is very nice. I'd appreciate a longer sun coverage that goes over baby's legs. But I bought a sun shade in DM Drogerie, and it works in the parent-facing position we're using.

Overall, value for the money, even if you can feel the price.

  • Hood with a peek-a-boo window
  • Large storage (basket)
  • Reversible seat
  • Agility
  • Accessories
  • Wide rear axle - betweens wheels width
  • Weak suspension

I like it a lot - it looks beautiful, and I push it without problems. Everything is great - except, maybe, the very wide rear axle and the weak, almost no, suspension.

  • Price
  • Look
  • Matching accessories
  • Maneuverability
  • Damaged right out of the box
  • You can feel every bump, hole or stone
  • Details and finishes are much - but you can't expect to much for the price, so it's ok

It's a lie-flat buggy - which is why we got it in the first place. The maneuverability with the reclined seat is, however, rather catastrophic. You absolutely do need two hands for pushing it and lifting it over obstacles, and it's still a workout (even for my DH)

We also got a damaged buggy right from the box - this didn't help our impressions, but we were ready to overlook it for the price and the nice look of it. The overall performance is, however, rather poor, so I cannot recommend this buggy for anyone, really.

The pushchair is very easy to put up and to fold down (one hand fold) - and looks very stylish, but there's zero suspension. I expected more - you feel it too much while going on cobblestones, the child is shaken too much in my opinion. The seat is also rather open.

Our piece started to squeak loudly after a few weeks - we claimed the warranty and were given new frame. But the replacement also started to squeak.

  • Cheap
  • Reversible seat
  • Adjustable handle
  • PU leather handle cover
  • Extra large hood
  • Long seat surface
  • Leg cover, cup holder, rain cover and mosquito net included
  • Beautiful
  • Compact
  • Not the most accessible basket
  • Suspension is mostly for the city, but we were OK even on lighter terrain
  • The front wheels can be a bit noisy, but I don't mind

We're absolutely happy with it; a great price-performance ratio. Absolutely enough for the city and light terrain walks. A great hood and fabric quality. Beautiful design as well.Krásný design.

The front wheels are a bit weaker ;) but absolutely enough for that price... My little princess sleeps in it for 2.5 straight!

Nice and compact fold. And it features a reversible seat with a long seat surface!

Just the basket access is not the easiest, but the pros are winning us over... and that price! ;)

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