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  • spacious
  • handles well
  • very long
  • large shopping basket
  • fixed handle in front of the child
  • short canopy
  • larger when folded

A great pushchair. Large and spacious for the baby, but a bit big when folded.

Bought after about 2 children and survived other kids - my 2 children.

Great for city and countrysid


Great for city and countryside. Easy to steer. For us the best.

Awesome off-roader - can handle dirt roads, cobblestones, woods, and it's a keeper - already carrying my fifth child without losing much of it's quality (only replaced bearings on front wheels and axle, rear holds 😉)

I loved everything in this stroller. Complete - full-size but light. easily manageable. The basket underneath can support a lot. If ever I need a stroller again, I would buy the same.

The best stroller I've ever driven

  • Very lightweight
  • Agile
  • Easy one-handed folding
  • Beautiful to look at :-)
  • Availability of spare parts
  • Goes from sitting up to lying down
  • Shorter canopy, I solved it with a visor

The best stroller I've ever driven :-) It was used with two of my children. It is easy to snap on a bassinet or a car seat. It's lightweight, has a well placed center of gravity, easy to handle. I can carry it up and down several flights of stairs with a baby inside. I have also used the original skateboard. If it comes to a third baby, I'm going back to the Jané.

  • For such a sturdy and solid stroller, it is lightweight and handles great
  • Easy to fold
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Bassinet can be used as a car seat - has a strap inside for fastening
  • Adjustable incline in the bassinet, making the head higher - great when the baby has reflux
  • Endless positions for the seat unit
  • Spacious seat
  • It had twin wheels in the front, which are impractical in terrain
  • Because the seat clicks differently on the frame, it does not allow you to make it face in the opposite direction
  • Once the seat is on, the egg can be fixed to the frame, but it looks pretty bad
  • The seat cannot be disassembled and washed
  • Less accessible shopping basket, especially when in the pushchair mode

I've used it with 2 kids, so I think it will last a while. I had the 2012 model.

If the front wheels weren't dual wheels, I don't think I would have even bought a buggy. We also used the original sibling step for a while and the stroller handled well with it. I would definitely buy it again.

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