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  • Small after folding
  • Quiet wheels
  • Tire profile - and the fact that no stones get in the wheels
  • Sturdiness
  • Design
  • Long bassinet space
  • Spacious seat unit
  • An easy click-on mechanism for the seat/bassinet/car seat
  • No real suspension
  • Not for bad terrain
  • 'Hard' ride feeling
  • Not great for one-hand pushing
  • Hard to get up curbs
  • More steps needed to fold it
  • Bad bassinet bumper bar design
  • The canopy of the bassinet doesn't hold in place after being unzipped open
  • Mesh in the extending part of the seat canopy
  • Heavy car seat

I have a lot of good experiences with the Jane brand - I tried all their models I think, but the Kendo made me a bit disappointed 😞 It's a good-looking, 'designer' urban stroller with pretty much no suspension, and even though the tire profile seems to be all-terrain, it is not good for any off-road rides.

The wheels have their good side, of course - they don't rattle nor squeak in any way; the chassis is sturdy and doesn't shake at all, and the fold is simple and compact. It fits our small boot (Seat Ibiza) even with the carrycot. The Micro carrycot is also foldable if you need an even smaller package. The chassis may be small, but it's actually quite heavy. The basket is large, sturdy, and high enough, no scratching it on the floor. The brake is operated easily, no problems there. The curb popping is not the greatest, probably because of the weak suspension, and it doesn't push that well with one hand.

The carrycot size is good, and it will last up to the baby's 6 months for sure. I don't like the fact, however, that the bumper bar there can't be fully removed - it only opens on one side, which I mind - it's not very practical.
The seat unit is reversible and rather spacious, but it's not the best push when there's a bigger toddler in it. The canopy extends, but the mesh-only extension panel makes this feature unusable in winter. The fold with the seat unit is not that compact, but it's still OK, comparable to other stroller systems.

The car seat didn't fit in my car with its Isofix base, and my belt wasn't long enough to secure it with it - so we didn't use it. It's quite heavy (compared to our other - Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio SL).

For me, the stroller (mainly the chassis itself) has more cons than pros, which is why I would probably go for a Jane Muum or a Jane Rider instead.

I really like its weight, foldability, and compactness, and also design. The small chassis with hard-working wheels is a great idea, and the suspension is there. However, I am not so sure about why the chassis got a bit wobbly after being used a few times in a bit rougher conditions (worse, country terrain, or walking in nature). I asked the shop where we bought it, and they said it's a normal thing. I don't like it so much, and I'd love it if the chassis was sturdier - this just makes me a bit nervous.

Other than that, I must say it's a functional hybrid model which drives very nice almost everywhere - and the fabrics are great as well.

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