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charlie says:
"My child outgrew the seat back length at 18m"
and gives the Jané Kawai

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  • large wheel good for rough terrain
  • good suspension
  • can be used with matrix lay flat car seat
  • decent size basket
  • clunky folding mechanism
  • can only be folded forward facing otherwise its huge
  • short seat back that 18m old outgrew
  • badly placed bumper bar
  • seat too reclined

I purchased this pram specifically so I could use the Matrix 2 lay flat car seat on and not have an additional carry cot which it was great for. It also folds up quite small for a full size pram and has decent wheels and suspension. For these reasons it was great but in hindsight, I would not buy it again and choose a different pram.

The fold is quite clunky and doesn't lock automatically or stand upright. It has a fiddly strap which I never end up using and so have scratched my car when the pram flaps open. The seat is quite reclined which my child didn't really like as he wanted to be more upright once he was able to sit up himself. The bumper bar also isn't high enough as it restricted his legs as he got a bit older and was unusable with the foot muff on.

Most annoyingly though is that my child outgrew the seat back length at 18m so much so that the hood couldn't even be used and I had to buy a new stroller.

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