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  • beautiful and stylish
  • lightweight and compact for a full-featured stroller/stroller system
  • high-quality rubber wheels
  • all-wheel suspension (even though it is not a rocking chassis, it absorbs shocks well enough)
  • adjustable, super tall handlebar - good even for my 2m husband
  • awesome quick-folding carrycot (Micro) with a lot of space (which I didn't expect actually)
  • seat unit is a bit open
  • I would extend the seat's canopy with a fabric panel, not a non-coverable mesh
  • folding the chassis needs a few tries to get used to (and it only folds with the seat forward-facing)
  • probably not the cheapest - but I find it worth the price

I love it - it is so great for us, needing a full-size stroller system while hoping for something relatively compact since we use the car a lot... It pushes so well (for me, a short mum, as well as my 2m hubby)! We were able to go pretty much through everything (we were also ok in winter - some snow in the city...).

The baby was comfy in the Micro carrycot, and later on also in the seat. It is a bit open, but that is an advantage in the summer (a lot of air), and in the winter, we are using a nice footmuff anyhow. My daughter is comfy in the seat, even though I wish it was a little bit more upright in the sitting position - she doesn't seem to mind ;-) It is comfortably padded, and with a liner in it as well. Space-wise, it seems absolutely appropriate. I believe we keep the Kawai until at least 2 and a half years of hers.

The fold of the chassis is really compact, and it is overall a lightweight model. However, I would make the lock after folding automatic - now you need to do it manually yourself with a strap. Also, the most compact is a two-piece fold, even though you can fold it with the seat attached (forward-facing only).

  • beauty married practicality in this pram
  • maybe the plastic joints could be a little sturdier, the chassis feels a bit looser after time, but it doesn't really make a difference in how it drives

We are happy with it. It is very functional and comfortable for the baby as well as the parent. I think we would choose the same again if having another go at it. We even got a very nice offer for a 3in1 combination (all clicked on without any adapters, mind you), so it was a bargain, considering how much we use it.

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