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  • Goes like a tank over all surfaces
  • Quality materials
  • Seat, carrycot can be put facing both directions
  • Having the stand for the carrycot in your apartment is a great thing
  • Heavier

I bought the stroller because of the large carrycot and I liked the folding system of the chassis. The stroller is made of very high quality materials - after half a year the wheels are like new. Then we sold it - the seat part did not suit me. Small seat, and you can't fold the stroller without folding the seat.

  • Easy manipulation
  • Perfect for all-terrain use
  • Easy to fold
  • Big shopping basket
  • Lays completely flat
  • For a child of up to 90 pounds (80 kg)
  • Adjustable leg rest as well as handlebar
  • Removable seat fabrics
  • You need to pump the air-filled wheels from time to time (but it's an advantage - to have air-filled wheels)
  • Still a bit bulky when folded

A perfect stroller for every terrain. We have it in green.

  • Spacious carrycot
  • Ease of manipulation
  • A lot of options
  • Return policy
  • Suitable for interior

This stroller is great. Especially, the super large carrycot which I can use with my son until spring.

The only thing that surprised me is that after 3 months, one wheel broke and fell off. This happened even though I was taking care of it - avoiding pits and bumps in the pavement. We returned the stroller. They replied that a hard hit caused it, and the warranty doesn't apply to that. They also mentioned all the things that are not covered by the warranty, so I think they should also give a note that the stroller is suitable only for the interior. I bought an expensive stroller, and if I don't want to pay for repairs, I can only use it in the living room. Most probably, the return policy only covers if the chassis is badly-made. I'm very disappointed with this approach.

  • quick folding
  • easy manipulation
  • large bassinet
  • chassis starts to creak after some time - there is three of us who own this model (in my circle of friends), and it's the same for all of us

I'm pretty satisfied, but I would buy a different one now.

  • Good quality, we had it in beige color and it did not fade at all
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy to fold
  • Overall quite lightweight
  • Many accessories available (we had the Quad Quattro)
  • Spacious bassinet with a newborn insert
  • Adjustable backrest - the seat unit can lie completely flat
  • The car seat is also okay, even though we preferred the Römer one
  • It was annoying that the basket was wide, but the chassis was coming in the way when trying to access it. Also, when we put something heavier inside (like 2 milk boxes), it started to open up and fall down (there is a velcro system to hold it in place)
  • The chassis began to squeak over time, so we had to use a WD spray which solved it
  • The wheels were not the greatest for winter, but I believe this is the same with all prams with front swivel wheels
  • Seat unit suitable only up to a year of a child as the leg rest was very short

We liked this pram a lot. Everything was great - the spacious bassinet that could be adjusted in the backrest part; the stand for the pram - super useful as we could put each part of the system in it. And I also loved the accessories.

A great stoller system

  • Quick and easy folding system
  • Lightweight
  • Everything can be washed
  • Easy manipulation
  • Chassis
  • I didn't like the car seat

A great stoller system 🙂

  • Spacious bassinet - at the moment, my little one is 75 cm and can comfortably fit inside even with the footmuff
  • Spacious seat unit
  • Easy to push
  • One-hand fold, great for traveling by car
  • High-quality
  • Color faded very quickly
  • Shopping basket underneath is spacious, but unfortunately, due to the chassis shape, you won't be able to fit much in there

A great pushchair. We had initial complications when it was difficult to remove the bassinet from the chassis, and the pushchair was also squeaking at the beginning. However, it was returned and fixed. Since then, it has been used daily without any problems.

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