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Generally happy with it

  • Automatic fold
  • 48cm seat back
  • Nearly upright sitting position
  • Spf50 extendable canopy
  • Lightweight
  • Flip-flop friendly brake
  • Not particularly exciting colours or design
  • Strap recline
  • 5 point harness with independent buckles
  • No accessories included

I bought this stroller as a second stroller to keep in the car boot, to use in quick urban errands with my 10 month old.

I am generally happy with it.

It's very quick and easy to fold (it automatically folds itself) and the bumper bar acts like a handle so it's very easy to lift and place in the boot. You don't need to bend to perform this operation ;) it is 7,2 kg (light!)

Most ultracompacts with automatic fold have a very slanted seat. It's not the case here. Not completely upright but decent. The seat is nicely padded and 48cm tall.

The buckle. It has a 5 point harness, and each strap is fastened independently. While this might be practical for those preferring a 3 point harness, I would have liked joint straps (less clicks).

The canopy is large and spf50. The basket is decently sized.

The wheels do rattle a bit on uneven surfaces (compared to my full size main stroller). I suppose you cannot ask that they don't if they're small wheels.

The price tag is an affordable €240.

I wish it had an even taller seat back and I feel the fold could have been made even more compact than it is.
I didn't bother with cabin sized fold since I learned Ryanair won't even take a Bugaboo Butterfly onboard.

No accessories are included, so any parents needing a rain cover, need to factor that into the total.
All in all, a few compromises but many boxes ticked with a relatively small budget.
If it lasts, it will prove value for money.

Thanks Eli for your amazing work here on Strollberry!

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