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Cara Salvador says:
"First time parents and we don’t know any better"
and gives the Ickle Bubba Stomp V4

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  • reasonable price
  • it is very sturdy
  • the canopy doesn’t extend further but it provides good amount of sun coverage
  • I like how the handle folds up and all the way down
  • the rose gold steel does not fade at all
  • the handle bar is made of faux leather which makes it look expensive plus it is removable
  • the basket is really spacious
  • easy to maneuver
  • good braking system
  • the suspension is really good, whenever we stroll outdoors in a rough terrain, my daughter sleeps soundly
  • I heavily dislike the fabric. Although the material is thick it feels uncomfy, rough and somehow itchy
  • they have limited colors to choose from. I like the combination of black and rose gold but they should’ve expand their color options
  • it is bulky and really heavy. My husband despises loading and unloading it from our car. It occupies our entire trunk space
  • the foot muff is too tight on my daughter who is only 8 months old
  • the padding is not too soft and comfy. My daughter can’t bear sitting on it for an hour. So, we replaced it with stroller cushions we bought from Amazon
  • the nappy shoulder bag that comes with it is quite bulky and it packs less.

First time parents and we don’t know any better. We bought the travel system or the bundle as this was the only known brand that is cheaper amongst the others. It was really helpful cause we don’t have to buy things separately. And luckily, we bought it on sale.

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