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Hugely disappointed

  • Sturdy build
  • Folds with the seat attached
  • Sibling can ride in the back
  • Bulky
  • Heavy
  • Hard to carry
  • Two-handed fold
  • Flimsy "autolock"
  • Handle on the ground when it's folded
  • Hood too close to the child's head

Hugely disappointed. It feels too bulky and heavy to me. Carrying it upstairs is simply too hard if you need to do it regularly. Folding absolutely needs two had. Also, the lock activated after folding is too flimsy so the folded pram doesn't hold together, actually - it tends to open. The handle can get scratched when it's folded since it touches the ground. The hood is not smooth to operate, and it is too close to the end of the seat back, meaning the child's head will soon touch it.

It won't last for a tall toddler

  • 2in1 system, carrycot included
  • travel-system-ready
  • gorgeous
  • integrated toddler board
  • better for smaller babies

We got it for the nice quality-price ratio, and also for the toddler board. We're happy with what we've got and would choose the same. I would only change the hood position - the backrest with the hood over it just means it won't last for a tall toddler.

  • lovely-looking
  • functional
  • sturdy
  • height-adjustable canopy
  • sibling board rear axle
  • comfy bassinet
  • the suspension could be softer

The seat is so comfy and high so that the baby is closer to you (and later has a great view). It's also awesome that you don't have to bend as much after giving birth 😊 Also, it's rather spacious thanks to the height-adjustable canopy. The canopy itself could be longer (the seat can feel a bit open when reclined). The basket, the handlebar adjustment, and the sibling-ready adapters+board-like rear axle are wonderful.

The pram is really sturdy, so longevity is a strong point of the Lime. It folds up easily and it's a reasonably compact size, and the push is very nice as well. We got it for the board for our older daughter that can't go on after a long walk, and are overall very happy with it.

NOT very lightweight


The pushchair folds with the seat attached, which was my first requirement. It manoeuvres very well in town, and I can recommend it for a medium car boot, and for manicured grass even, too! Just the getting up a curb doesn't suit me as well. And it is NOT very lightweight, so nothing for petite mums or carrying often.

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