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vz says:
"It is a bit of a tank, but very pretty to look at"
and gives the Hauck Duett 3

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  • Affordable price
  • Very sturdy
  • Superb look
  • Quality materials
  • Thin bassinet
  • Basket is very low to the ground
  • Not cushioned, it's a bumpy ride on the asphalt
  • You'll have a hard time with it in the field
  • Very heavy

I've had the stroller for just a while, but after the first ride there's a lot to describe - I easily could compare it to my previous stroller.

The stroller is nice, stable, comfortable. It's not sprung at all, so it's more bumpy on the asphalt than in terrain, but it's harder to ride in the terrain than on the asphalt. For the winter in the bassinet, you will need a really warm, wind-resistant footmuff - the walls of the bassinet are thin. Otherwise, as a sibling option great, the size of the stroller is just right, it is neither too big nor too small.

It's heavy, so it's impractical for going up stairs or down stairs to the ground floor, you can just fold it and carry it up. The storage basket is very low, it scrapes on twigs, larger stones, bumps. I hope to get used to it soon.

It is a bit of a tank, but very pretty to look at.

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