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Wouldn't advise it to anyone


Wouldn't advise it to anyone. Used for 3 weeks and it snapped completely in half in the middle of the road with my 9-month-old boy in.

  • Versatile configurations
  • Huge basket
  • Carrycot & seat in one
  • Includes footmuff
  • Seats are a little smaller
  • Brake doesn't always fully lock
  • Handlebar is a bit tricky to adjust at times

Been using this for a couple months after switching from the iCandy & honestly I LOVE the versatility of this pram! I have an almost 2yr old and a 7y old and it was very important for me to be able to have the little one facing me and my 2yr old facing the world, and honestly, not a lot of prams have this configuration.

It looks really sleek and more expensive than it actually is, I bought adapters for the car seats which is fab, and love that the carrycots change into seats. This saves on storage and if the little one falls asleep I can drop it into carry cot mode😯

The basket is huggeee I regularly overshop because there is just soo much space and it must be very comfy as girls fall asleep as soon as they're in the seats.

This is my 3rd buggy, 2nd double and honestly can't think of anything bad to say! Almost didn't buy it as there was only 1 bad review but I decided to give it ago and I couldn't be happier!!


  • Spacious
  • Big basket
  • Seats can be placed into different positions
  • Dangerous
  • Weak
  • Easily broken
  • Deathtrap

I thought I loved this pram... but after a week the chassis and handle connect snapped with my two young children in, luckily my son in the top seat was strapped in correctly - if he wasn’t or he was a newborn in the carrycot it would have been a different story (and a trip to hospital). He would be tipped out onto the concrete floor from quite a height.

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