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bj says:
"Fine for the city and perfect for traveling"
and gives the Graco Evo XT

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  • Low weight
  • Very easy folding
  • Compact dimensions when folded
  • Large basket
  • Seat can be reclined fully
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Lightweight construction is not suitable for off-road use
  • Smaller seat size

I've only had the stroller for a short time, but I can say that this brand (I had another model and it folded the same) has probably the easiest folding I've ever encountered. It can be done with one hand and in a matter of seconds.

Another big + is the very light weight of the stroller, and last but not least the large basket. I would also like to praise the system of attaching the bassinet/seat to the stroller, which is also very easy.

The size of the bassinet is a kind of middle ground. The seat is rather smaller - but up to the 24 months the manufacturer states, it is fine. The car seat is really huge, easily up to 1.5 years, but for a newborn I would probably buy a reducer insert.

The chassis is cushioned, but the stroller is still quite hard and difficult to steer when driving off the pavement. You can also feel that the wheels are not inflatable + the whole chassis makes all sorts of noises, so for me for off-road rather do not get this model. The stroller is fine for the city and perfect for traveling, or if you need to carry the stroller up and down stairs – a super choice.

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