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It has great suspension - it rocks well


I have been using it for a second month, both in the countryside and in the city - and so far I have to praise it. It has great suspension - it rocks well. It's great to handle and when I go to town, I simply unlatch the bassinet, fold the chassis, put it in the trunk and go. The built-in mesh in the canopy is also great, as well as the footmuff that comes with the seat, but I am using the bassinet now.

There are also two plastic raincovers with the stroller - I use the bigger one, which is probably for the pushchair, but it's great on the bassinet too. It has a zipper on it, so I can unzip it and give the baby a pacifier etc. It was raining and blowing hard and the plastic held great.

The stroller bag is spacious, easy to take off and put on. Oh, and the possibility of lifting the backrest in the bassinet is great, when I'm in a hurry and my son doesn't burp - so I lift the part and he drifts off in peace in the stroller.

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