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  • quality
  • compactness
  • slumped kid in the seat

I love how the fold is compact even if it's truly usable as a full-sized pram. The wheels and driving are also nice, and the whole pushchair feels high-quality. I did mind the seat, however - it is not as upright, and without the bumper bar, the child slums/slides down at times, looking not so comfortable.

  • weight
  • compactness
  • lay-flat seat
  • high-quality fabrics, leatherette coversand padding - and I personally love the pastel colors
  • even if it doesn't seem so, a rather spacious seat unit with quite a large canopy
  • shopping basket size is pleasant - it was actually big enough to hold my older son :-D
  • quality joints with metal parts mean longevity while the compactness won't mean rattling or weak chassis
  • practical details - like the integrated bag holders on the handlebar
  • accessories availability - height adapters for the carrycot, child's bumper bar, and other
  • not the lowest price - but you get what you pay for
  • the bumper bar is sold separately (as well as other accessories) - making the price even higher
  • I would make the leg rest longer and cover it with some wipe-clean layer
  • the seat unit is lower to the ground, which is not a negative by itself, but tall parents sometimes don't like this
  • clicking off the seat unit needs some getting used to - it's not that intuitive, thinking about aligning the signs
  • someone could ming the specific design, mainly that of the canopy - I would probably make it more round to make it pleasing for the general public - and an even larger sun visor would also help

Charley, for me - yes, yes, yes, and I rate it 90 %! It is the same category as the Cybex Mios, Silver Cross Spirit… adding better wheels, awesome padding, good driveability, and unique design. Don't forget, I am taking into account that I am rating a compact model - and I am not searching for real all-terrain capability or features not expected from a small urban model. If you take it for what it is, you will find out that in it's smallness, it's a great stroller.

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Even though it looks a bit like a stroller for dolls, I was quite curious. My boy fits well in it; however, even if he's not a baby anymore - although he's already a big boy, the Charley handled well even loaded. To get up curbs (seat facing forward) was no problem at all. I am almost 5' 12' (~ 182 cm), and the handlebar adjusted to my site easily. I think it's almost a hybrid of a full-size stroller and an umbrella stroller - meaning, if you want a tiny, compact stroller, you cannot expect 100% comfort of a huge seat - but this is absolutely enough, some kind of a middle ground.

I don't know anybody owning an Easywalker who'd complain.

  • Quality materials
  • Suspension
  • Soft, smooth ride
  • Easy to manipulate it even in harsher terrain (one-handed even!)
  • Height adapters
  • Bag holders on the sides of the handlebar (this was a dream to have e. g. while shopping)
  • Large basket (compared to how small the stroller is)
  • Leather-like handle- and bumper bar
  • Bumper bar is sold separately
  • Front axle can get a bit noisy on uneven surfaces
  • Seat unit is on the smaller side, but actually big enough
  • Price of the stroller

I rate the Easywalker Charley as a high-quality stroller that can handle almost any terrain (even while being small). The stroller is very lightweight, small after folding (also good for plane trips) 🤗 Quality fabrics. Smooth and soft ride.

Its suspension is absolutely sufficient - it is really quite soft. The seat unit, however small it seems at the start, is suitable also for larger children. My 2-year-old was very satisfied in it, even though her legs were sticking out a little.

Leather handlebar as well as the bumper bar. Height-adjustable canopy, and it is also long enough.

What I minded the most was that the front axle made some noise when we passed through uneven terrain. Height adapters for the seat can be purchased optionally - without them, the seat sits low on the chassis.

Overall very comfortable

  • beautiful design
  • suspension is really there!
  • large basket, well-accessible
  • roomy seat
  • not so obvious from the promotional pictures, but the canopy is quite massive
  • adjustable height of the canopy
  • awesome, really small fold even with the seat attached
  • lays fully flat
  • soft padding
  • funny, plastic-y smell from the box
  • I'd prefer the peek-a-boo window on the extendible part of the canopy to be closable
  • carrycot could be a wee bit larger (and with a longer hood)
  • some could mind the seat unti/carrycot beaing quite low on the chassis

A beautiful, very very compact stroller/stroller system. I love how all the joints are reinforced/metal inside, while the stroller is really lightweight and easy to maneuver. Feels sturdy. Comfy padding and overall very comfortable - for the kid to sit in, for the parent to push it.

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