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I was very happy with this, I was just worried about how much space it takes when transported by car.

  • BAr on the coz
  • Large basket
  • Air-filled wheels

I have to evaluate the stroller really positively. For me and my husband it was love at first sight and it has been very useful for us. The cot is quite spacious, which we required, but we did not run around the shop with a tape measure, which was described to us as a huge joke by one of the saleswomen with whom we consulted about the purchase.

Another condition, when choosing for us, were inflatable wheels with the possibility of being locked in the terrain, and a bonus was a rather large basket on the chassis. In addition, the stroller is not extremely heavy. I wouldn't rank it among the lightest, but I can fold it myself and load it into the car without any problems. The bar on the cot is also great. We have used it many times to carry the whole stroller when the little one fell asleep and we couldn't leave him in the stroller.

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