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"The invention of the century"
and gives the Doona

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  • Only takes up space in the car as a car seat
  • Very easy and quick to fold
  • Perfect for driving in small spaces (between shelves)
  • Newborn insert
  • Does not rattle at all
  • 5-point harness
  • Certified for airplane transport
  • Large canopy
  • A bit weaker harness design

For me (and my husband) the invention of the century. If I wasn't a stroller maniac and didn't buy them for myself, I would have been fine with a Doona and a baby wrap (carrier) for the first six months of my baby's life ;-)

It' a very easy to handle, comfortable stroller. Super quick and maximally practical folding - passers-by didn't understand when I put it in the car :-D I also had an isofix base for it, so extremely easy - just click-click. Also the newborn insert, soft.

Obviously not suitable for long walks and everyday sleeping, but for running out to the doctor, to the store - perfect. The only thing I would criticize are the belts - they twist, so you have to straighten them when you want to buckle the baby in. And maybe a little more weight compared to other baby carriers - but it carries the chassis with it, so that's something to be reckoned with. With my first daughter I had a Maxi-Cosi Pebble and a Quinny Zapp, but then the Doona is 100 and 1 compared to that.

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