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It’s very well made and looks very smart

  • Quality made
  • Stylish
  • Comfortable for me and my daughter
  • Cup holder doesn’t hold cup properly
  • Shopping basket too small
  • Could be better on rough terrain such as cobble streets

I really like this model. It’s very well made and looks very smart. I’ve owned it for 18 months so far and everything still works well and looks great. The sun hood is very large, and it has a small ventilation window.

This pram is easy to use and I have no major complaints. I’d say the basket could have been slightly bigger and the cup holder is a bit useless as it doesn’t stay upright and too narrow for most coffee cups.

  • Design
  • Seat unit adjustable from an upright sitting position to a complete lie-flat
  • Extendable hood
  • Generous seat dimensions
  • Large, spacious basket
  • Quite bulky after folding
  • Even if I oil it, is still does get squeaky quite often
  • Loose frame joints
  • The basket's colour faded after just one summer

Truly beautiful and practical pram, but I would expect a bit more quality from that price and weight range ;-)

You will love it

  • Large, spacious bassinet
  • Two mesh windows on the bassinet hood - great to watch the world pass by when the baby's laying on its tummy
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Very simple fold
  • Takes up very little space when folded
  • Beautiful, stylish look
  • Compared to the 2018 version, the hood is worse - not as long, which is a shame

A fantastic stroller system, truly. I can recommend it - you will love it.

  • beautiful design (Rose Gold frame)
  • the tilt angle of the carrycot
  • panoramic + ventilation window on the carrycot (you can remove the upper layer)
  • spaciousness
  • soft, cotton mattress
  • easy manipulation and turning
  • not enough suspension
  • the telescopic handlebar, as well as other moving parts, started to rattle quite quickly

The Cybex Priam 2019 collection is a very beautiful, designer piece.

There is nothing to complain about with the carrycot. The overall incline (tilt) of the carrycot and the pleasant, soft, warm-feeling mattress material stook me by surprise, I must admit. A bonus would be its canopy with a panoramic and upper window (after removing the upper layer). A restless, curious baby can ride on his belly with enough to look at. The carrycot is spacious enough and not very heavy, which makes it easy to manipulate. A big advantage is also the detachable interior lining, which can be machine washed.

As for the seat unit part, I must admit that my expectations were higher, and I was quite disappointed. The whole base of the seat seems unstable, not sturdy enough; I would call it toy-like. After attaching it on the chassis, it doesn't hold there firmly at all, it moves (there's quite a give), and the moving is noisy (rattles). Although the seat is adjustable (several positions), I didn't find one in which the child would be comfortable. My dissatisfaction is even stronger because of the fact that even though easily washable, the fabrics used there are very slippery and absolutely non-absorbent. An advantage, on the other hand, would be the extra-large canopy, which performs its protective function excellently.

I own the Rose Gold color of the frame (I must admit that I love this color very very much). Its suspension is, however, not soft enough for any more challenging terrain, but if you take it as an urban kind of pram/pushchair, it's ok. So far, we managed somehow during all of our trips. However, the truth is that on uneven terrains, the telescopic handle rattles, which can be bothersome when using the Priam. The chassis is, otherwise, lightweight, easy to fold, well-made, and offers enough storage space, which is perfect for me! An eye-catching detail is also the combination of the telescopic handlebar with leather.

  • Easy folding
  • Practical shopping basket
  • Gate-opening bumper bar
  • Easy to push even with one hand
  • Design-wise perfect
  • Not too heavy
  • Not a well-made suspension system - I don't feel it at all
  • The telescopically-adjustable handlebar can be noisy on uneven surfaces

We got used to having it very quickly. Being low to the ground, it looks quite compact and not too heavy. Also, it's very easy to handle.

However, I was incredibly disappointed with the suspension, which is there just as a design element. In reality, the ride is quite hard, shaking the baby when passing through bad terrain. Passing through gravel is more difficult than with other strollers I tried. For all-terrain use, it is probably better to buy the big front wheels.

Although the stroller has a wide rear axle, there's no need to worry - it can fit into a small elevator quite well.

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