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I love it!


For children, perfect in everything! I love it!

Large surface for napping, large wheels, and it's lightweight.

Great for a compact, reversible stroller - you will never find something similar with those features! Of course, it won't be 100% perfect for everything, but you need to clear up your priorities - and if it's weight, fold, and reversibility, you can't get much better with those ;-)

I like all its features, and also the seat unit size. My DD is happy in it. I would only make the sitting surface deeper. The buggy looks great "on paper", just the finish could be even better, I think.

Not the sturdiest

  • lightweight
  • compact
  • reversible seat
  • lay-flat seat
  • the seat-reversing system doesn't feel sturdy at all
  • expensive
  • canopy size
  • small basket size
  • the suspension is more for decoration - not that noticeable
  • no hanging bags on the handlebar

Ok, but for sure not the sturdiest. I am a bit scared I am gonna break it, and that's also why there is no possibility to hang a bag on the handlebar. Nice wheel size, but it's not an all-terrain stroller.

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