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JR says:
"The wheels are a safety hazard"
and gives the Cybex Beezy

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  • Nice colour
  • Folds nicely
  • Big hood
  • Foam handle bar
  • Moveable cross bar very handy
  • Free rain cover
  • Wheels are really bad!
  • Breaks terrible
  • Basket quite small
  • Seat quite uncomfortable

Looks good upon opening and the open / close mechanism was swift and easy.

The wheels though I believe are a safety hazard. I put my son in the pram, wheels were ' locked ' and the pram was sliding about all over the place.

Never had this with any of my other prams when inside. And would not recommend as it worried me in case it was outside and could literally slide down a hill or something! No grip at all. Seat is also very firm and not comfy enough for my little 6m old. X

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