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anastazia93 says:
"We have used both the bassinet and the seat version in the summer and in the snow"
and gives the Cam Dinamico Up

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  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Handles even rougher roads (we haven't been in the woods with it)
  • Purchase adapters for the bassinet and the ability to travel with it in the car
  • Large storage basket
  • Positioning of the bassinet
  • Reclining positioning in the seat unit
  • Reversible seat
  • Suspension
  • Rain cover included
  • Not stable pushchair canopy
  • Slightly rattling front wheels
  • Taller people may stumble and kick the rear axle - you should to try it out before buying

I've had the Cam Dinamico Up for almost a year and a half now. I liked it right away.

I think the carrycot is very neat, roomy, my little one was fine in there for 8 months. It can be inclined, so it doesn't have to be fully lying down - which is appreciated when the baby is older, but can't sit up fully yet and wants to look around now and then. When the baby is lying down, I would like a larger canopy, but we bought a sun shade.

The seat already looks more floppy. At first glance it is more suitable for summer, it blows in a bit, but if you buy a good footmuff, or if you attach it to the canopy on the stroller with additional studs, there is no problem (I didn't use the studs, though). The seat unit is reversible, reclining, spacious enough for sleeping even for a larger child. The positioning of the legs is also great. The belly bar can be removed from one side, the other, or even the whole thing. But it is not a completely upright seat.

We didn't use the car seat much as we bought adapters for the bassinet and traveled with it. It's great because the baby shouldn't be in the car seat for more than 2 hours, so for onward journeys it's the perfect convenience of this stroller. Also, when our little one fell asleep in the car, we put the bassinet on the stroller and were able to continue our walk.

The rear inflatable wheels are awesome, we didn't have a puncture once. The front ones rattle a bit, but it's nothing terrible. The pushchair can handle gravel paths, smaller pebbles, tiled paths. Admittedly, we haven't used it on dirt roads or in the woods. We took the little one in the carrier there. All the wheels are individually sprung.

The storage basket is quite large.

I also chose it because we don't have an elevator and I needed to carry it upstairs, and this one was at a reasonable weight. It is lightweight and fairly stackable relative to other 3in1 systems.

We have used both the bassinet and the seat version in the summer and in the snow. So far, it's held up, though admittedly there hasn't been any calamity.. I find the pram mode feels more stable than the pushchair mode.

The pushchair doesn't really fit a footmuff with an apron. We went without the apronr in the winter and made use of it in the spring.

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