Cam Dinamico Up
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Cam Dinamico Up

The middle ground with versatile carrycot
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The Cam Dinamico Up is a new version of the popular four-wheeler Cam Dinamico. You can buy the complete Dinamico Up stroller system, or just the chassis with an optional carrycot and/or a car seat. The Dinamico Up is even lighter than the Dinamico. It also has a new, larger shopping basket with a retractable rear side for better access. The wheels with suspension can handle even a rougher terrain. The seat is fully reversible. The backrest and the leg rest can be adjusted separately to a full recline. The longer hood was also improved with a bigger curved sunvisor and a new peek-a-boo window. The spacious carrycot can be used in the car with an optional car kit. The car seat can be attached directly onto the chassis as well. The stroller is even more compact after foldind thanks to the seat that can be folded in half. The whole process is simplified since the safety catches are easier to undo. You can easily carry the folded stroller with the added transport handle.

It is available in various design; it was also released in the limited black-and-white elegant Col. 720 edition.

Cam Dinamico Up Features & Specifications

The Basics

2in1 stroller system, 3in1 stroller system, Chassis-only, Pram (carrycot and chassis only)
Stroller weight
10.3 kg
Unfolded dimensions (h×w×l)
100 cm x 57 cm x 87.5 cm
Folded dimensions (h×w×l)
87 cm x 57 cm x 29 cm
Chassis material
Country of origin

The Seat unit

Maximum weight capacity - seat load
15 kg
Recommended age range (best to use with a child of)
0-30 months
Reversible seat unit
Easy-release memory button(s) on the seat or the carrycot
L-shaped, bucket-type seat unit
Reclining backrest
Yes, 4 positions
Full-recline backrest (a bigger-than-a-150-degree-angle to a lie-flat)
Backrest recline type
Rear-located recline mechanism (e.g., lever-operated)
One-hand backrest recline system
Extendable backrest
Legrest positioning
Yes, 2 positions
Extendable leg rest
Wipe-clean layer on the leg rest
Backrest height
45 cm
Width and depth of the sitting surface
30 x 25 cm
Total length of the seat unit
86 cm
A higher seat unit's position on the chassis
Height-adjustable seat
Seat unit's proper attachment indicator
2in1 convertible carrycot/seat unit (pramette travel system)
Fabrics removable for cleaning
Seat fabrics cleaning
Machine washable
Safety harness type
Harness padding
Height-adjustable harness belts
Ventilation integrated into the seat
Second seat can be attached (single-to-double convertibility)

The Canopy (Hood)

Seat unit equipped with a canopy/hood
Extendable canopy/hood
The canopy/hood features a sun visor
Floating, follow-the-sun canopy
Height-adjustable canopy
Removable canopy
Waterproof canopy
UV protection in the (canopy) fabrics
Ventilation integrated into the canopy
A pocket integrated into the canopy
Peek-a-boo viewing window present on the canopy
Peek-a-boo window can be closed/covered
Reinforcing side clasps present on the canopy

The Bumper bar

Bumper bar
Bumper bar type (style)
Removable bumper bar
Gate-opening (swing-away) bumper bar
Height-adjustable bumper bar
Bumper bar features a fabric (non-wipe-clean) cover
Bumper bar features an extra crotch strap

The Wheels

Number of wheels
Front wheel(s) type
EVA foam-coated wheels
Rear wheels type
Air-filled (inflatable) tires
Front wheels diameter
23 cm
Rear wheels diameter
27.5 cm
Swivel wheels
Lockable wheels
Removable wheels
All wheels are double wheels
Wheels equipped with mudguards
Two-wheel mode

The Suspension

Wheels with suspension
Suspension type
Open springs
Adjustable suspension softness
Rocking chassis

The Brake

Central brake system/type
Push-push pedal brake (flip-flop friendly)
Deceleration handbrake

The Fold

Folding system
Flat (compact) fold
One-hand fold
Plane-travel-friendly stroller with an ultra-compact fold (suitable as carry-on luggage)
Folds with the (forward-facing) seat attached
Folds with the rearward-facing seat attached
Self-standing fold
Auto-lock feature of the folded chassis
Folded stroller can be pulled behind like luggage
Stroller folds and/or unfolds by itself
Equipped with a carry strap/carry handle
Outward fold (the seat fabrics are on the outside after folding)

The Handlebar

Handle height adjustment
Handlebar material
Leatherette (PU/eco-leather)
Handlebar height
80-100 cm
Reversible handlebar (handle can be flipped to the other side)
Safety wrist strap

The Basket

Shopping basket
Large shopping basket
Basket's weight capacity
2 kg
Closable basket
An extra basket can be attached to the frame
A pocket integrated into the seat/elsewhere on the stroller frame

The Carrycot

Carrycot compatible
Yes (without adapters)
Internal dimensions of the carrycot - mattress measurement
79 x 35 cm
Carry handle on the carrycot
Inclining carrycot mattress
Foldable carrycot
Rocking-base carrycot
Ventilatilated carrycot base (bottom ventilation system)
Carrycot installable in the car instead of a group 0+ car seat (Auto carrycot)
Carrycot positioned high on the frame

The Car seat

Car seat compatible
Yes (without adapters)
Car seat sold separately
Maxi-Cosi/Cybex car seat attachment-type adapters available
Britax Römer car seat attachment-type adapters available

The Accessories & Extra features

Parent tray/organizer on the handlebar (included)
Cup holder can be attached
Reflective elements
No pushchair mode/seat-unit configuration available
Rain cover included
Mosquito net included
Leg cover (apron) included with the seat unit
Seat liner/insert included
Changing bag included
Carry bag/transport cover for the folded stroller included
LED light(s)
Built-in audio speakers
A storage/bag can be attached instead of a seat

Parent reviews of the Cam Dinamico Up

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I am very satisfied with both the pram and the travel system. Easy to handle, comapct, great suspension. I recommend it ten out of ten. 😊

  • bassinet this is one huge plus - spacious, large, huge satisfaction
  • extended canopy on the seat, which is its only plus
  • the whole seat unit

The bassinet and the car seat are perfect. My little one is 74 cm and still fits in the cot.

As for the seat unit - it's a huge disappointment for me. The little one slides down in there; the bar is so low that I had a problem to put a blanket and a leg cover in there beside the footmuff... I also don't like the way it fastens on; the blanket falls out of the pram, it slides terribly. When I put it over the leg cover, it's just draped over. In winter I can't imagine how the little one will be there.

The best stroller in the world

  • Lightweight
  • Folds in one click...
  • Perfect for summer or spring or winter, great for both terrain and snow...

The best stroller in the world.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Handles even rougher roads (we haven't been in the woods with it)
  • Purchase adapters for the bassinet and the ability to travel with it in the car
  • Large storage basket
  • Positioning of the bassinet
  • Reclining positioning in the seat unit
  • Reversible seat
  • Suspension
  • Rain cover included
  • Not stable pushchair canopy
  • Slightly rattling front wheels
  • Taller people may stumble and kick the rear axle - you should to try it out before buying

I've had the Cam Dinamico Up for almost a year and a half now. I liked it right away.

I think the carrycot is very neat, roomy, my little one was fine in there for 8 months. It can be inclined, so it doesn't have to be fully lying down - which is appreciated when the baby is older, but can't sit up fully yet and wants to look around now and then. When the baby is lying down, I would like a larger canopy, but we bought a sun shade.

The seat already looks more floppy. At first glance it is more suitable for summer, it blows in a bit, but if you buy a good footmuff, or if you attach it to the canopy on the stroller with additional studs, there is no problem (I didn't use the studs, though). The seat unit is reversible, reclining, spacious enough for sleeping even for a larger child. The positioning of the legs is also great. The belly bar can be removed from one side, the other, or even the whole thing. But it is not a completely upright seat.

We didn't use the car seat much as we bought adapters for the bassinet and traveled with it. It's great because the baby shouldn't be in the car seat for more than 2 hours, so for onward journeys it's the perfect convenience of this stroller. Also, when our little one fell asleep in the car, we put the bassinet on the stroller and were able to continue our walk.

The rear inflatable wheels are awesome, we didn't have a puncture once. The front ones rattle a bit, but it's nothing terrible. The pushchair can handle gravel paths, smaller pebbles, tiled paths. Admittedly, we haven't used it on dirt roads or in the woods. We took the little one in the carrier there. All the wheels are individually sprung.

The storage basket is quite large.

I also chose it because we don't have an elevator and I needed to carry it upstairs, and this one was at a reasonable weight. It is lightweight and fairly stackable relative to other 3in1 systems.

We have used both the bassinet and the seat version in the summer and in the snow. So far, it's held up, though admittedly there hasn't been any calamity.. I find the pram mode feels more stable than the pushchair mode.

The pushchair doesn't really fit a footmuff with an apron. We went without the apronr in the winter and made use of it in the spring.

I appreciated the bassinet the most

  • spacious bassinet
  • the bassinet cover can be unzipped on the 2016 model and serves as a mosquito net
  • there is also a net on the back of the canopy
  • the bassinet can also be used with the harness for transport by car
  • the pram has suspensions
  • spacious shopping basket
  • the seat lasts a very long time
  • squeaks a lot after a while
  • the car seat is a very cheap version, it holds the head badly, it is certainly not safe for longer travels
  • the seat part is not aesthetic, the canopy is not fully attached to the seat and flies, it is quite creased
  • the belts in the seat are too cheap and flimsy

In general, it's a pretty good pram. The bassinet I thought was great, but my daughter was born on a cold winter and the front wheels barely skidded in the snow - we didn't get far from the apartment building. The bassinet was roomy, and with a mesh ventilation part, it was great in the summer.

The pram's not big, which was fine with me. We also fit in the small lift.

The car seat is horrible for me, the baby flew around in it, without the newborn insert it was unusable for us - there are much safer car seats in my opinion. The seat part was used the most, although initially I was very disappointed with it. It is very roomy, baby can be in there for a very long time. For the undemanding mom it can be just fine.

Shopping basket is awesome - since I don't have a car, it carried big purchases, a running bike, a million things. I actually liked the stroller, but I appreciated the bassinet the most. Least of all the car seat. After two years, it squeaks a lot. But it was used nonstop daily. With the second child, I'm using the bassinet again, but I'll check out a pushchair for the winter. I've already replaced the car seat and I have to say it's incomparable.

In retrospect, it's a bit of an expensive investment for a pram (just a bassinet), since I don't use the pushchair part and the car seat for the second time.

Hľadali sme hlavne kočík na zimu

  • Large carrycot
  • Large shopping basket
  • Easy to fold pushchair setup into the car
  • Large wheels, great for winter and bad trails
  • Adjustable carrycot, can also be used as a cradle
  • Heavy-ish car seat

We bought the stroller based on reviews on the internet. We were mainly looking for a stroller for winter, as our little one was born in November. We are very satisfied with the stroller. It has a large carrycot where we could fit our little one even in a thick footmuff, which I think is a big plus, as some strollers have very small carrycot.

It was very easy to drive in the winter, even in the snow, and it handles uneven pavement super well too. The carrycot is reclining, so we didn't have to have a reflux cushion. What's also cool is that when I had the little one down and needed to put him to sleep, I took the carrycot, put it on the floor, and it served as a cradle because it has a system that makes the carrycot rock. We also used the car seat for a long time. That's on the heavy side without the baby even, so it's a chore to carry the car seat with the baby in your hands.

And we are currently using the pushchair part. The latter is great in that it puts the whole stroller together in the car, we don't have to disconnect the seat part, which I've noticed not all strollers have that way. Also a big plus is that it has a large shopping basket where I can fit a LOT compared to other mums and their baskets. You need to watch the videos for this stroller, and you will definitely get it. For us, great satisfaction.

  • Large, spacious bassinet
  • ample basket space
  • large, inflatable rear wheels with excellent suspension allowed us to go over anything
  • no need for adapters (bassinet, seat unit, car seat) 👍
  • our one (bought 2016) had a bad canopy, imo
  • not enough space, compared to other strollers we owned

Our review is divided into two parts, first about the bassinet and car seat and the second about the seat.

About the bassinet, I admit, we could not have chosen better. Stable, and at the same time relatively light chassis with a large shopping basket. Attaching the car seat or the bassinet directly to the frame without the need for adapters... and the bassinet is one of the largest on the market. The son was still using it even when wearing the size 74/80 plus cosytoes inside.

It's a pity that the seat unit is not as good. We tried it for two days and bought another stroller after that. The biggest disadvantage for me was that when my son was lying, the roof on the side of the stroller did not completely cover him (there were these 'cracks' through which the wind was blowing in during a nap...). We rather went home. The canopy of the newer models seems better, however, so this problem was already been solved, I believe.

For me, a beautiful pram, which was also praised by strangers on the street, but as a pushchair, not the best.

  • Easy to push, even with one hand
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fold and compact
  • The suspension is soft and almost rockable
  • Large nappy bag
  • Spacious bassinet with inclining function
  • Accessories included
  • Seat reclines fully
  • Great price
  • Sturdy
  • Brake
  • Seat unit's canopy
  • Noisy front wheels
  • Brake
  • Seat unit's canopy
  • Noisy front wheels

We were stroller system-hunting for a long time, and this was the only model that I liked - and also my husband liked. The only one to not rattle in my hands already in the shop. We walked many, many miles with it, and used it for both of our children, and now I decided to write a review of it for those undecided parents.

The one-handed pushing was a decisive factor for us - just as the easy folding and the low weight were. The large changing bag and basket (compared to other systems) combined with the small footprint fitting into our small elevator are also great advantages... and the carrycot is so spacious! We had one of our children in it for about 9 months.

Everything can be washed - after a few tries, the removal of the fabrics will take you only a few minutes. The color stays - it didn't fade even after multiple washing. The upholstery is secured with studs in some places, and some of the studs are very stiff to click together (or apart)...

The frame is very easy to fold - and you don't need to click the seat off to fold it. The front wheels are not inflatable, and they get noisy on uneven terrain. After some time, it annoyed me, but my kids didn't mind at all. You can lock them not to swivel, which was a nice thing to do when you leave the pram on your balcony to get your child to sleep - but even more so in the snow. Then, it's priceless. The suspension is good enough - even for rocking your baby. The brake works so that you need to step on the red pedal on the right side to activate it and to step on the left green pedal to release it. Not always it clicks into the wheel, so you have to be careful to check if you used the brake properly, and the pram is stopped. Those rear inflatable wheels are excellent, however, and you can remove them easily to make more space in your trunk. We have stairs in your building, and I was getting the pram over them on those rear wheels even with the baby inside - and it held up well.

The carrycot is long, spacious, and with inclinable backrest inside. That was great when the baby got sick or suffered from reflux. The incline is operated with this lever, which takes a little bit of practice, but when you get it in your hand, it' easy enough. The canopy works just fine - I just minded the fact that after washing the fabric, I couldn't fit the rod well enough to be as proper-looking as before. To take it out, I had to use a knife - it's impossible otherwise, and the same goes for the basket and seat canopy. The carrycot apron has this flap that you lift in case of wind to protect the baby - the system was rather simple - I'd say "dumb", but it worked ok, so whatever. The clicking on the chassis was easy and very secure, in my opinion - it holds in 4 points, which is a big plus compared to other systems (they normally only have 2 securing points). No risk of clicking in only one side and the other side falling to the side... always at least one of the two points on each side click in, and you hear it clicking and holding well.

The car seat is basic, and I don't like how the canopy is secured into the base - if you remove it, there are these inesthetic holes. A big advantage is its clicking right on the chassis - no need to buy or search for extra adapters. We mainly used it for our trips to the pediatrician or shops - no need to move the baby out of it.

The seat is comfortable for the baby - and large enough. It adjusts fully and offers a lay-flat position for napping. The canopy is large, but it's not that sturdy - I would reinforce it for sure if I were the manufacturer. The bumper bar is covered in plastic, which is wipe-clean, no need to wash anything. I like that it's not too high up - I mind those that are so there's too much space between them and the seat. You cannot fit a footmuff and the apron at the same time, but it's not needed. The apron is secured with studs; it worked well for us. The rain cover fits the seat as well as the carrycot - no need to buy anything separately. The seat clicks on parent- and forward-facing, but facing the parent, the center of gravity changes, and the push is not as comfortable - and to add to it, when the child is laying, it's not completely horizontal, and it slides down a bit. World-facing, everything is peachy. The harness is very basic - it could be better. A huge plus for me was the upright position of the seat - no angles and half-sitting like other seat units offer.

Overall, an excellent system for good money.

That large bassinet is perfect, but the front wheels rattle quite a bit.

  • Large, spacious carrycot
  • Heavy

Every mother needs something else. For me, that large carrycot was great to use, but I didn't use the seat unit at all... I found the chassis too heavy, as well.

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