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I went for the cool design and the nippy one-handed steering. I liked the overall performance, and it's awesome you can machine wash the fabrics... I, however, wish it had a longer canopy, not a foam-covered belly bar (my kid chewed on it quite a lot), and the accessories would be less expensive. Well, you have to pay with a luxury brand. Also, don't count on getting into the basket when using it with the bassinet. We kept it with both of my kids - but complemented it with a compact buggy later on both times.

We loved the bucket seat since our son hated the lie-flat position in the bassinette! Such a help! The foldability is not good at all, however, and the basket is a catastrophe. The chassis is of good quality, but it started squeaking after some time (we bought it second-hand from ebay).

Fantastic for public transport


Lightweight - fantastic for public transport!

  • zips through the city (agile)
  • beautiful
  • folding (bulky to do, bulky in size, two-piece fold)
  • wheels getting stuck in the end

We had the frog, and we loved how smoothly it pushed in the city. A spacious and lightweight pram, even if not the most compact-folding. The fold is actually rather cumbersome - size-wise as well as doing it. We replaced it when the wheels started to get stuck a lot. It is an older model, after all.

  • Gorgeous
  • Looks like the Cam
  • More affordable than the Cam
  • Squeaky wheels
  • Basket size and shape

I wanted a BGB Cam, but the Frog was more affordable. I do regret not buying the Cam because of the squeaky wheels. But maybe that would be a Cameleon's fault as well..? I can't really say... But the pram looks gorgeous.

It didn't drive well for me


I couldn't get it up curbs; it didn't drive well for me. Not much suspension. No getting in the basket. Folding is under-average.

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