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Baabikaa says:
"I can lift it effortlessly with one hand"
and gives the Bugaboo Fox

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  • Light
  • Compact
  • Spacious
  • Big bassinet
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth ride
  • Beautiful design
  • High load capacity
  • Spacious basket
  • Sturdy, yet lightweight chassis
  • Solid stroller
  • Super quiet wheels
  • Seat vs. bassinet version takes up almost no space in the closet
  • "Zipping" to the second version is very simple
  • Rich selection of accessories
  • Locking wheels
  • The stroller can handle any terrain

This stroller is perfect and undoubtedly the best! The bassinet is huge, so even a larger baby has plenty of space in the pram.

The advantage of the stroller is its low weight - I can lift it effortlessly with one hand, which is a huge advantage for me because I have a thrombosis in my hand and the weight of the stroller was a decisive parameter for me.

Another advantage is its compactness - on the one hand, the chassis can be folded into a mini shape, which does not take up space (we have it put under the hanger), but the click on part can also be folded flat in two movements.

A great advantage is that one frame and one hood are used for both parts. So the components for converting to the other version do not take up much space (one drawer), which is suitable for a smaller apartment.

Another great advantage is its huge mobility. The pram pushes "by itself", it can be controlled with even one finger, thanks to the front swivel/locking wheels it can maneuver in a tight space, and, especially, the ride is quiet and smooth.

What I really like about the pram is that it is possible to change the hoods on it - extendable, summer, etc. So you have several variants from one pram. We don't mind the sitting part shape at all, on the seat version, the child can enter it sooner, even if it is not sitting by itself yet, you simply tilt it and go.

I don't understand why anyone claims that this pram can't be put in a car boot easily. It folds great even with a bassinet put on it, just unhook the struts at the ends of the stroller. The seat is foldable in itself. The stroller is just perfect! We are very, very satisfied with it!

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