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Did not fit us all

  • design
  • easy folding
  • close to the ground
  • unstable

Not for us. This stroller, even if beautifully designed, did not fit us all. It is too tiny, too close to the ground, and the maneuverability is quite hectic.

  • lightweight
  • small - takes up very little space
  • quick folding/unfolding
  • stylish
  • interchangeable canopies
  • can get stuck in a hole in the sidewalk
  • rattles a bit

Our second stroller - and I use it the most. It’s small, compact, lightweight. It is no problem for me to lift it with both hands, even with my little one in it, and carry it up the stairs. Occasional drive through a bit of snow or grass is also absolutely doable. The ability to change the canopies will certainly come in handy for those mums, who don’t like a stereotype. 🙂 The only disadvantage of this stroller - here and there it gets stuck in a hole in the sidewalk, but it's probably like this with every stroller with small wheels. Also, there’s a little bit of rattling, but nothing terrible - one will get used to it quite quickly.

Perfect for "mobile" moms

  • excellent fold
  • reversible seat
  • spacious seat
  • deep, extendable hood
  • option to change fabrics to fit your taste
  • footrest only when the seat is facing forward

A perfect stroller for "mobile" moms. It is super sturdy and suspended well enough even for broken sidewalks. The reversible seat unit is awesome and easy to reverse, at least when compared to the Bee Classic. The handlebar is really long, so you don’t kick the rear axle. The non-extending hood is mostly useless, but for a larger child, it’s enough. The seat can be enlarged (extendable seating surface as well as the backrest), which is great too. A child with a height of 90 cm has a lot of space in it. I miss a bit the footrest when the seat is in the opposite direction. I love it. It's beautiful. 😘

  • lightweight
  • compact
  • comfy
  • just like me, my kid loves it
  • not for rough terrain - gravel, sand

The best stroller we've ever had! At first, I criticized it (when my friend owned it), but later I fell in love with it 🙂 A great
advantage is that I don't even need to fold it to get it in the car 🙂

  • Beautiful
  • Customizable with accessories, hoods, etc.
  • Takes quite some space after folding
  • Fold/unfold needs both hands
  • Impossible to reverse the seat unit one-handedly, as well as not possible to reverse it with a child in it
  • Over time, it creaks like a heap of plastic

Didn’t fit me at all. I don’t think it’s worth so much money.

The Bee’s seat unit bothered me a bit, otherwise a great stroller - no reservations.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Large basket
  • Wheels with suspension

I used this stroller as my last one - and I feel sorry I didnt buy it sooner. My DD was using it for only half a year. I will certainly buy it with my second one.



The buggy rattles quite a lot.

  • lightweight
  • small - takes up only a little space
  • quick folding/unfolding
  • stylish
  • interchangeable hoods
  • it gets stuck in some pothole from time to time
  • rattles a bit

Our second stroller - and I use it the most often, actually. It's small, compact-folding, lightweight. No problem taking it in my hands and carrying it up the stairs. Occasional light snow or grass is also OK. The option to change hoods is perfect for those moms hating stereotype. :-) The only minus would be the getting stuck in some of the potholes, but that is due to its small wheels. And it rattles a bit, but one can get used to it quickly.

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