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Since 2000, Safety First is one of many brands of Dorel Industries company. It was launched in the US in 1984 by releasing the successful yellow ‘Baby on Board!’ car sticker by Michael Lerner. Soon after, other safety products for parents (like the safety socket inserts) were released. In the nineties, the baby monitors, vibration bouncers followed by car seats, and the first Safety First tandem stroller 2-Way came along. Nowadays, the portfolio of the brand offers a wide range of childcare products including products for changing, feeding, bathing, and toys.

The main principle of the brand, as the name suggests, is the emphasis on safety. Safety First cares about safety during the manufacturing process as well during the sale process and the use of the product. The brand supports various charitable organizations, including their own Safe Kids Worldwide, and contributes to increasing of the safety of children. Safety First strollers are no different. Simple yet safe functions of the strollers are combined with a straightforward, modern design and an affordable price.