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Phil&Teds strollers

9 parent reviews

Phil and Ted are the names of two New Zealanders - a father and a son, who in 1994 founded the world-renowned Phil&Teds brand. Although the brand is famous for the extensive portfolio of childcare products including baby carriers and products for feeding, bathing, and sleeping, Phil&Teds is especially well-known for their inline strollers that can be converted into a tandem system with two seats - one behind the other. Two (and more) kids’ possibility inspired the brand motto - ‘adapt&survive’. Phil&Teds is taking life easy, creating versatile strollers with spacious seats that often have a second seating space. Although Phil&Teds focuses on the functionality, their strollers are also playfully colorful, with many practical accessories available.

Phil&Teds is associated with another two well-known brands that originated from New Zealand. Mountain Buggy, a brand famous for sturdy, easily maneuverable strollers, and Mokopuna, the premium brand of children clothing made from merino wool.

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