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Mima strollers

29 parent reviews

The Dutch design brand Mima, well known for unique strollers as well as the luxurious highchair Moon or the elegant, oval-shaped travel suitcase Ovi, was founded by the designer Davy Kho. Mima strollers are combining a high-end, chic design with practical functionality, and constant innovation. The first model of the brand, the iconic Xari, was introduced in 2009 and since then collected many design awards. The Xari is bosting the patented “carrycot Inside” system, so the oval seat unit can transform into a carrycot (and vice versa). Moms either love or loathe the design of the Xari.

Nonetheless, the Xari is still popular enough for the third generation of this stroller to be released. New colors are added constantly to the basic leatherette fabric, textile accessories, and the chassis so that fashion-forward moms have a free rein in adding and expressing their own style. Together with the Xari, the Kobi was also introduced to the market around the same time. The Kobi is similar to the Xari and can be transformed into a tandem. It boasts an innovation award, but its popularity decreased over time. The portfolio of the brand also includes lighter, more compact solutions such as the luxurious umbrella stroller Bo and the ultra-compact, versatile stroller Zigi that was introduced to the market at the end of 2017.

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