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Joolz strollers

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The high-end Dutch brand Joolz celebrates the beauty of a new life. To make your life as a parent easier and joyful, Joolz came with the Positive Design, a combination of practicality, simplicity and creative, colorful look. The Positive Design is also represented by the mascot of the brand - the red robin. Joolz strollers offer well thought-out details and high level of personalization with an option to choose various types of fabrics, colors of the handlebar, T-bar, as well as many optional accessories. There is the versatile, urban Day or the convertible Geo that can be converted into the tandem stroller and can handle even rougher terrain. A new, more compact addition to the portfolio is the urban Hub.

Joolz Positive Design doesn’t finish with the final product, the stroller. The cardboard boxes from Joolz strollers also offer creativity and environment-friendly solution- you can assemble a bird box, a reindeer or a chair out of them. For every stroller they sell, Joolz plants a tree in the Joolz Birth Forest in Colombia.

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