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Elodie Details

Elodie Details strollers

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The Swedish company Elodie Details was founded by Linda Sätterström in Stockholm, in 2006, when Linda’s daughter Elodie was born. Linda has started with cheerful DYI pacifier clips. Nowadays, the company creates stylish, innovative and functional childcare products, strollers and universal accessories. Elodie Details creates everyday products that brighten up anyone’s day with their unexpected details and original design. New colorful and pattern-rich collections are launched every year, popular and fashionable enough to be sold on five continents, in 35 countries all around the world. The demand for Elodie Details products is high even after the stock is sold out.

Elodie Details offers only one type of stroller. Currently, the third generation of the luxurious Stockholm Stroller is available. This umbrella stroller is regularly launched in many color variations and with matching accessories.

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