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Babyworld strollers

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Babyworld (also known as Baby World) is a manufacturer of strollers and sleds. Babyworld does not produce for their own brand only but based on particular assignment, they are also manufacturing products for other brands such as Sun Baby or Mamakiddies. Apart from affordable prices, Babyworld products are boasting with many functional features that are ensuring the comfort of their users: the IAS - intuitive adaptive system, the SAS - shock absorption system , the FWLS - front wheel locking system, the CBS - central braking system, the BAS - backrest adjusting system, the PHAS - pushing handle adjusting system, the SBAS - seatbelt adjusting system, the QCFS - quick chassis folding system, and the one click wheel removal system. The portfolio of Babyworld strollers consists mostly of robust stroller systems with swivel wheels, but it also includes the traditional retro-type stroller Classic Retro as well as the Kiddy umbrella stroller.