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Baby Elegance is an Irish brand that began in 2005 by Tim Costello, a father, making his first pair of booties for his baby daughter, Louise, from his family home in Dublin. Investing in an industrial sewing machine and textiles from a local wholesaler, he created his first product for the Baby Elegance brand – ‘Brogeens’, starting a successful business selling baby mattresses, bedding, and clothing to be supplied to Ireland’s top retailers like Roche’s Stores, Tesco and over 50 more independent ones in Ireland. The little girl grew into a woman and in 2005 joined her dad to strengthen the business, now supplying over 400 lines in baby and nursery products to over 150+ retailers throughout Europe.

Over time, Tim’s son then joined the business as well, setting out to design Baby Elegance's very first pushchair, developing their international business supplying a full range of products to the growing customer base in the UK as well as Europe.

Today, Baby Elegance is one of the bigger, popular UK and Ireland nursery brands. With over 600 nursery products exporting to UK, USA, Europe, and Asia – Tim and family’s business venture grew into a team of over 40 and growing.