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  • Comfortable ride with full suspension
  • Space in the basket
  • Almost the entire stroller can be hidden underneath the hood
  • Simple to put together and handle it (almost no manual needed)
  • Modern look (grey - plus pink fur on the hood :))
  • All wheels are removable
  • I'm a bit annoyed with the hood at times - it doesn't stay fully stretched, it goes back one position every time we bump into a bump...

I'm really excited about it. Perfect driving characteristics. Thanks to the suspension and the inflatable wheels, the little one falls asleep within 5min. The fabric is great and it cleans well. Most of all, I can put the baby in a rear facing seat so he can see me. It folds well.

For the city, public transport, car and some rougher terrain in the woods, it would be hard to find a better pushchair... for the money. I wanted one stroller for everything ;-)

I have everything I wanted

  • Inflatable wheels
  • Full recline
  • Seat can be turned on the chassis
  • Extended hood
  • Practical
  • Adjustable apron and handle
  • Large shopping basket
  • Higher price

We are very satisfied with the stroller. I don't even know what I could say about it. I have everything I wanted. That is, inflatable wheels, reclining to a full recline, the seat can be turned in the opposite direction, an extended canopy - just a practical stroller + adjustable apron and a handle. Large shopping basket.

The stroller comes with an apron, but it's not much in terms of usability - but it doesn't matter, everything else, i.e. the technical stuff, is great. And that higher price... The stroller is suitable from birth to about 1,6 years.

  • Convenient
  • Faces both directions
  • Compatible with the carrycot
  • Option to buy only the pushchair
  • Inflatable wheels with locking mechanism
  • Handle
  • Design
  • Heavier
  • No closable storage basket

I am very satisfied with it. This stroller fulfilled 85% of the requirements I wanted from a stroller.

  • suspension
  • large basket
  • air-filler tires
  • reversibility
  • design
  • folding in one piece
  • backrest is too short - my 17-month-old was too big for the seat!

I was very demanding when choosing a pushchair. It had to have air-filled tires wheels, reversible seat unit, and a one-piece fold. This pushchair met these conditions perfectly (while not being expensive).

The shopping basket is large, and there's a very good suspension system. I was so excited about it. Unfortunately, my enthusiasm faded when I put my 17-month-old son in it, and the backrest was exactly as high as his head reached. I wanted to use the pushchair until circa 2.5 years, but in this one, my son would probably not nap very comfortably. I couldn't imagine stuffing a winter footmuff in there. Other than this, it is perfect.

I absolutely recommend it

  • easy to maneuver
  • passes even through harsh terrain
  • lays flat
  • extendable hood
  • nice-looking

We only had two needs when choosing our stroller - a reversible seat, and air-filled wheels. We chose this new model from an almost unknown brand Bomimi - and now, I absolutely recommend it! It is very easy to maneuver, even with one hand. It looks elegant even despite it having all-terrain wheels with air-filled tires. The seat unit is comfy and reclines fully. Extendable hood, large shopping basket.

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