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The best stroller I've ever gotten my hands on

  • There's almost nothing to fault, just a point below. Best stroller I've ever had. And there were quite a few...
  • One point taken for a very big looking hood on the seat unit

The best stroller I've ever gotten my hands on.

After a period of use, I noticed the defects of the stroller and the car seat. Still there are some.

The car seat is unreasonably expensive for its quality, and the adapters too, as everything is bought separately. The car seat is of poor quality (weak plastic). It is nice in design, but the quality doesn't match the high price, and the safety (whether the plastic parts will hold together in case of a crash) is also quite questionable. Even if it is certified, it's something to consider.

The bassinet part - everything great, adjustable headrest. Apron is hard to pull on the body, feels short. Seat is good, roomy and nice, only the canopy can look bulky and awkward (but it's practical). However, the seat is very hard without the use of an insert. The bumper bar is removable - but not the fabric part between the legs, which is unfortunately sewn on.

Overall the design and the stroller is fine. Nice. Practical and modern at the same time. The only problem, and the biggest one, however, is its frame. Constantly squeaky wheels despite using a special product for the wheels (which you also have to buy). Front wheels get quite problematic. They get stuck and bounce from side to side. We plan to claim warranty on the frame after 4 months of use. The handle is just bouncing around. Apparently the screws for positioning the handle have loosened, but that shouldn't happen after four months of use!

I would buy the stroller again despite the negatives, but I don't think more than one child will ride comfortably because of the weak frame. I've had a lot of strollers in my hands and it's more like a "Polish disposable"...

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