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  • Large cushioned wheels
  • Front wheels swivel in all directions, can also be locked
  • Extra long hood
  • Easily foldable
  • The seat can also be put in the rearward direction
  • Positioning up to a lie flat
  • Inner pad is massive, moulded on the sides
  • Small mesh part on the canopy
  • Weight of the pram
  • Impractical underslung basket

Ideal for broken pavements. Cushioned, big wheels. The hood is so very long that if you open it completely, the child is not even visible :-) - which I appreciate in the wind.

Very good for bumpy roads

  • Foot sack
  • Good reclining back
  • Hard to manouver

Very good for bumpy roads.

  • Large canopy
  • Suspended, large enough inflatable wheels
  • Plenty of room for baby - a spacious stroller
  • Materials used
  • A stroller for the terrain and the city
  • Includes a foot cover, raincoat and bottle holder
  • Good basket design, also accessibility
  • Price
  • Tall handle
  • Front wheels skid on glossy surfaces, do not spin
  • The stroller is larger
  • Cannot hang the bag on loops

We bought the stroller instead of the bad seat of the El Jot we had before, as the seat was terribly small and terribly impractical. This stroller arrived, I put it together myself, it's gorgeous. The colour is amazing, solid, stable - and to my great pleasant the stroller is surprisingly spacious. I don't have a small child, and I'm not worried that it won't last us long. I'm not planning on buying a buggy, umbrella stroller or anything like that.

It's probably not a great choice for a small car, but I absolutely did not address storage when choosing one, since we have a VW Sharan. The wheels are shock-absorbing enough, and are really comfortably large. I can drive the stroller with one hand without any problems. But the "handle" is quite high. Even for tall people. I have to lower it quite a bit, but the normal height is just right for my husband.

It was an excellent choice and a compromise of price-performance-criteria (inflatable wheels, foldable carrycot reversible in both directions). And I have to highlight the canopy. It's excellent, large, has a zipper - so it can be extended quite a bit more than it's already long. Perhaps a bit ill thought out is that when the canopy is zipped up, the baby's head is on that hard inside when the canopy is folded down.

Both the raincoat and the foot cover were in the package. The basket is excellent, sufficient, easy to get to. The stroller has matching details to the color of the structure. We have a blue one with copper construction. It looks really luxurious.

  • lightweight
  • nimble
  • stylish
  • easy folding
  • tall (I'm 170 cm)
  • perfectly springy suspensions
  • easy to handle
  • a little narrow carrycot, but if you go from winter to summer, it's okay

Bebetto Nico ESTILO - hello, I would like to give a review. Because I have searched everywhere possible and found almost nothing. But I decided to go for this stroller anyway. I'd like to write that in the reviews I found, every other one complained that it's terrible for traveling and that you need a big car 🤦♀️ I don't know if you're made of porcelain or if you mean that you put the whole 3in1 system in the trunk at once.

The stroller is gorgeous, stunning even packed. The fabric looks good quality too that will be nice to wipe down with a wet wipe. Wheels feel great for off road, its spring suspension works perfectly. It's lightweight, folds up quite easily and simply. It fits in our tiny trunk perfectly, and even if the width doesn't, why not turn it 90 degrees? But I think no one has a smaller car boot than me 😂.

It seems tall to me (I'm 170 cm) but yet it's both lightweight and easy to handle. But at the same time, it feels so solid that it doesn't just fold up easily (we'll see). So if anyone is thinking about it, I recommend it 🙌

  • Beautiful design
  • Large wheels
  • Easy foot brake
  • Faces both forward and rearward
  • Compact enough
  • Adjustable handle
  • Less cushioning
  • Cannot be in one piece with the seat reversed
  • The inside of the stroller is narrow

I am satisfied with the pushchair overall, I had multiple conditions for a pushchair and it passed my filter :-) The first condition was that the pushchair's seat faced both directions, but also that it could be folded in the trunk in one piece. Another condition was that it should be off-road, suspension with big wheels. And of course the design, the combination of blue with copper is beautiful.

Perfect for ANY terrain


Perfect for ANY terrain. Lies flat. Nice price.

  • Design
  • Large canopy
  • Large wheels
  • No rattling
  • Wide seat
  • Good suspension
  • Reversible
  • Gate-opening bumper bar
  • Adjustable handlebar and leg rest
  • Front wheels are not so easily maneuverable
  • Falling canopy
  • Small basket
  • Size and weight

I bought this stroller because of its elegant design and the large air-filled wheels, as we use it in the mountains. It seems to be quite sturdy, no rattling.

Compared to the Polish 3in1 travel system we had, it is more difficult to maneuver - the front wheels swivel less smoothly. The popping up curbs is fine - and thanks to the suspension, also passing through cobblestones. The cover of the peek-a-boo window doesn't stay closed, which we don't mind for now, because I am using the seat unit in the parent-facing position. Some people may have trouble with kicking into the rear axle (where the brake is), but that's individual (the axle is straight, not curved like with some other brands).

I can't yet say if the length of the seat unit is good enough, but it seems to be quite spacious. Because of that, the stroller is quite bulky and doesn't fit well in smaller car boots. Universal seat liners fit well into the seat (we are using it with the Elodie Details liner as well as footmuff).

I found it too large for me. Otherwise, good for uneven roads, village- and countryside driving...

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