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  • compactness
  • reversible seat unit
  • extendable hood with good coverage
  • high-quality materials
  • high price, compared to how badly it pushes
  • seat unit shape - the child falls out the seat and doesn't sit properly nor securely in it
  • no bumper bar
  • no ventilation mesh
  • terrible driveability, and noise on uneven roads (e.g., in a park...)

I bought it as a pushchair for travels and visits (to the grandparents, etc.). Compactness-wise, it's really great for that - the fold is quick and easy, and you can easily carry it in one hand. That's, however, the only good thing about it.

The child is not secure in the seat - it slides down all the time and feels loose and clumsy. I tried adjusting and tightening up the harness the most I could - but it didn't help. The push is also bad - it's only ok on manicured sidewalks and smooth surfaces. Any cobblestones or bumps in the road make it rattle so hard, and the child is shaken quite hard. A simple curb is also a problem. Overall, the manipulation with the pushchair is difficult and uncomfortable.

To compare, I also own a Joolz Day, which I use as our everyday pushchair - and the difference is so big you can't even begin to describe it.

I cannot recommend this model - my child is more hanging in it than sitting... A wrong choice for us. The Quail from Egg is not a success, design-wise - we used it twice, and I can say for sure - never more. We will probably give it to someone - I cannot even make myself sell it, because I consider it useless...

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