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coolpet says:
"I got a faulty piece"
and gives the Babylux Alu Way

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I got a faulty piece

Not bad, I just got a faulty piece. When I tried it in the store, it was fine. But as soon as we tried it at home, the left front wheel started slipping. After a few months, the right rear wheel started to jam when we hit a curb.

The stroller is pretty big, so it's more for tall moms. The advantage of the stroller is that it is lightweight, so it is easy to carry up stairs and easy to push, too.

The one thing I would really criticize about the seat on is the canopy - it's made with teeths and with a screw. With use (putting the canopy up and down), the thing loosens and until it is tightened, the canopy doesn't hold in the position and falls down. We had an incident where the screw loosened so much that it fell out and onto the ground.

What's a plus is the storage pocket under the stroller. It's big and zippered, so when it rains, it doesn't wet my groceries or things stashed in it.

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