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Nb says:
"Lovely to look at but not really up to standards"
and gives the Babylo Panorama

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Beautiful pram to look at...

Being on a budget to buy your baby pushchair sucks, as limits your options. I bought the pram in store (Smyths) and ended up having a discount as it was a display one and it was in a perfect condition. Got the sea green colour, which is absolutely beautiful! Maneuvering the pram can be easily done with one hand, the wheels have suspensions also. It comes as a 2 in 1 system, so it saves you space for storage. I find the car seat too deep and quite heavy, specially once your baby starts to grow. The frame it self is all chromed and sturdy, you can adjust the handles to your weight however I find that mine had loseen a little bit, it seems kind of shaking when trying to push it towards me. As the carrycot/seat unit can be converted it doesn't fold into a compact pushchair, taken a lot of space in your car boot and baby's room. The close system it's not the easiest neither, as you have to use both hands to close it, I had to travel a couple of times on my own with the baby and it was a struggle to get it closed holding the baby. It's fine while you using the car seat, as you can set that aside and do it, but it's different when you have to hold your baby or have her in a carrier. Also, it's quite heavy to lift up/down the stairs you have to take your baby out to be able to carry it and being a two piece detachable makes it harder to be convenient/accessible. The storage basket it's big enough and the rain cover does not have fastening stripes, so be ready to hold into it on windy days as the rain cover tends to lift, I hold it in place with clips. The breaks are a bit funny, as well, it works but it's very stiff, most of the times I have to literally bend over/really step on it to get it done and the same to take the breaks off. I also, find the seat unit quite small. My baby is only 7 months and 9kg and she is not that tall... and it seems like the pushchair will not last until the 3-4yrs (22kg) as recommend, it's definitely not spacious.

Like I said at the beginning lovely to look at but not really up to standards. If you looking into a budget pushchair will do the work, however you will be probably end up spending the same as I am now looking for a travel/daily buggy. As my mom says 'cheap ends up being expensive'.

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