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evaaaaa22 says:
"Both my husband and I hated it"
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Both my husband and I hated it

  • Yes it had pros too - the top material doesn't get wet and can be cleaned with a damp cloth and the leather handles are nice, that's about it
  • I don't recommend it at all

Today we finally got rid of this stroller. Both my husband and I hated it. The design was wide - I couldn't fit anywhere, the bearings came off the front wheels after six months and the screws that held the wheels on were coming loose as well.

It was very difficult to control the stroller - sure, when one tries it out in the store without a baby, everything is great, but once there was a baby, the stroller handled completely wrong. In the car, when we crammed everything in, we had a full suitcase.

On the seat unit, the baby bumper bar didn't hold properly - more than once the little one fell off when he put his paws on it. The car seat was very small and uncomfortable for the baby. In the seat, the liner, after a month, became all crumpled up.

When you want to complain about something, it is impossible to agree with the Polish people and we were told that everything is consumables. We used it for a year and 5 months and never again.

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