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zaja says:
"An excellent, spacious stroller for terrain"
and gives the BabyActive Ballerina Heritage

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  • Excellent rocking
  • Big wheels go through snow, even on unpaved dirt roads, without problems
  • Large bassinet and seat
  • Car seat also used up to 11 months of the child
  • Huge hood also on the seat, great in winter against the wind
  • Seat part can be put up to 90ΒΊ upright position for sitting
  • Large basket at the bottom
  • In the price of the stroller I had a transitional footmuff, a plastic rain cover, a mosquito net and a large changing bag
  • Larger frame, it can be a problem to load it in a small car trunk - but we can fit it all, even without disassembling the pram (Octavia Combi)
  • Inflatable wheels - will go everywhere, but already 2x puncture πŸ˜‚ Do buy spare tires! πŸ˜‰

An excellent, spacious stroller for terrain. For this price, for me, an excellent choice. Recommended.

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