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katkuz says:
"Maximum satisfaction and practicality"
and gives the Baby Jogger City Mini

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  • large hood
  • quality materials
  • infinitely adjustable from sitting to lying
  • the straps, which were used to fasten the child, did not have to be loosened, if I put the child from sitting to lying down
  • the possibility of remving the overs and wash them
  • large basket and good accessibility to it
  • folding the stroller with one hand - by pulling the handle on the seat
  • solid chassis
  • spaciousness of the stroller
  • Translated with (free version)
  • perhaps the only drawback - I was a bit bothered by the fact that when folding the stroller, the front wheels stuck a bit on the hood and if they were wet, for example, it would make it dirty
  • it doesn't have any suspension, but then again it can't have everything for the price :-)

Maximum satisfaction and practicality of the stroller. The stroller is spacious for larger children, but also suitable for smaller ones, if they are not sitting by temselves yet. I had my daughter in it from about 8-9 months and at the beginning I had her in it only in the lying position.

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