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A great choice overall

  • comfy for baby - carrycot is very spacious also!
  • great style
  • compatible with our Maxi Cosi carseat
  • our baby loves it, we love it
  • good on the terrains we would like to use it on (not so smooth pavement, dusty roads - not the most hardcore forests)
  • we bought it as the wheels are smaller than most of the ABC design strollers' wheels - fits better in our Toyota Corolla
  • the breaks are not always working properly meaning that the left wheel is stuck a lot of times
  • the extra cupholder you can buy for it can only hold a really small cup - however, it was a quite expensive cupholder
  • but besides from these, I would say this is overall a great stroller and we love it! I would highly recommend it

We were looking for a stroller which was 2 in 1. It was a great choice overall!

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Roomy carrycot
  • Long seat surface
  • True lie-flat seat
  • Canopies are nice and extendable (and UV protective)
  • Leatherette details
  • No colors to choose from
  • Not super soft in terms of suspensions
  • Basket is less accessible because of the bar over it

Don't expect too much in terms of suspension. Also, it is not the narrowest one in the "compact pram" category. On the other hand, the carrycot is huge and roomy, the seat is also very spacious for the size, and the steering is very nice. The hood could be larger, but the angle at which it "bends" makes the coverage more than enough for any normal use.

The price was unbeatable (under 400 for a 2in1 system, there was a reduction in price) - and for that, I can't really wish for more. I am very happy with my purchase. Heavily recommended for the price tag.

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