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Spare/replacement parts for strollers – where to get them and what to do when you can't find them?

Mar 2022 | Eli writes & you read in 4 min

Did you tire or the whole wheel on your stroller break? Is the brake faulty? Did the airline break or lose the bumper bar, stroller sun canopy, or something else? First, let me say I am sorry to hear that. Secondly, I can assure you this happens to many, perhaps even most parents during their pram's or pushchair's lifetime - the more so if they get a cheaper pre-owned stroller. In this short guide, I will sum up your options.

Your stroller has a broken part that needs repairing or replacing

In the case your stroller, or more particularly, a part of it, broke, stopped working, or was damaged, the first thing you should be doing is to contact the seller you bought your stroller from. They, as an official seller (often even a distributor - or they have a contact to the distributor, at least) can ask the distribution or the brand themselves about the availability of the part you need or the problem that occurred. More than that, they are often those who you should be claiming your warranty from if the stroller was bought new - and if you paid for it in the last few months, they will most probably even help you with the repair as required by law, as well as to build their name.

If you don't succeed there, most brands have some kind of customer service you can call to (call if possible, the problem resolves quicker) or email to. It is also true that, unfortunately, many cheaper brands do not answer such calls or emails and won't help you. If that is the case, I am sorry, and be sure to leave a review of the stroller and brand at multiple places to warn other parents about their inability to help.

If you bought your stroller second-hand, pre-loved from some other family, meaning no more warranty or an unknown seller, you can either ask the last owner about where they bought the stroller (to find the seller who sells that particular brand, meaning a connection to the distribution - and spare parts) OR you can simply try the brand's customer service. Replacement wheels or other spare parts might still be achievable from there.

Also, don't underestimate the power of googling. Almost no spare parts are sold just so, in online shops, BUT some are, and google will help you in such case. If you don't find them, well, a shame, but that's that. If you do - even in other country, be bold and email the seller, begging them to calculate a price of the shipping for you, as you truly need that part and are ready to pay for it (if you are ready to pay for it).

Your last option in all of the cases, given no one helped you, is to browse classifieds. MANY parents sell their prams for cheap after they are done with them, and many sell them even for parts or give them away if something gets broken. That means you can buy the part - or the whole buggy - for parts and use it to repair your own. A weird but sustainable way of helping yourself when you have no other choice.

My personal suggestion is eBay. Many things, even if a bit overpriced at times due to shipping costs, can only be found there if the stroller model is discontinued.

FYI: You cannot use wheels etc. from other models and brand. If it is not officially fitting your model, the attachment system of the wheel is different - and even a difference of a millimeter makes you risk the wheel falling down randomly during a walk, endangering your baby. It is not safe to push different wheels on a stroller in which your little one rides.

You miss an accessory you need but is not sold in shops anymore

If you need a bumper bar that is not sold anymore, you want a bassinet to your pushchair but it is nowhere to be found, or the extra basket insert looks so awesome but they don't sell it anymore... My advice here is to improvise. I mean, the first step is always googling, eBay searching, browsing classifieds, asking the sellers of the brand around you or the brand's customer care... but if the thing simply isn't sold anymore and no stock is available, well...

It falls down on your smartness that can always help you manage. With a bumper bar that is either not sold with the pushchair or not available anymore, have a tailor sew you one, fill it with a tube and put bows on the sides to make a semi-rigid belly bar that will be of partial help. A bumper bar toy with a steering wheel (e.g., from ECL - Early Learning Center) can also work on simpler buggies.

A carrycot can be replaced by a lie-flat seat with a good footmuff (I recommend Lodger based on my experience) OR a soft insert carrycot/cocoon. Just google 'stroller baby cocoon', newborn insert, and similar words, you'll find a universally fitting one. A visit to a baby gear shop will do wonders as you can try the options they have in your own stroller.

For most things (like canopies, seat liners, even rain covers), good tailors can help you, but it will cost you. You can also try to go for a universal solution (there are usually plenty on Amazon), but the fit will be much worse. And a torn handlebar foam can be also helped with a good cover, either fabric/eco-leather from a tailor, tailor-made for you, or a leatherette one from Aliexpress.

My stroller wheel's tire/inner tube deflated and I need a new one

Well, here, except the shop you bought your stroller at, a distributor of the brand/model you own, or the brand's customer service, I recommend a good bike shop. They offer tyres for large BUT ALSO small biked, tricycles, running bikes, and often, they can provide or order an inner tube for your stroller. So don't hesitate to call, email, or visit, ideally with your pram. They might even change it for you - usually for a fee.

They broke/scratched something at the airport

Well, you need to make a claim at the airport. Often, it is not resolved to your liking (some refund, if any), so it may or may not be worth your time claiming), but the thing to do is above. The same seller -> customer service -> classifieds -> tailor steps that will help you at least be ok with your stroller, if not satisfied.

Remember, a stroller is a thing you use daily and extensively. It WILL get scratched, damaged, even broken, as you are heavy.duty using it and it is just a thing with joints, plastics, rubber, and so on. Just like us, it has a lifespan over which it gets older and worn out, and it is ok.

Be sure to do regular cleaning and maintenance (HERE's how) to make it work smoothly as long as possible, and be open to non-standard solutions if the model is old... manufacturers don't keep spare parts for strollers for 20-30 years, they don't have such huge store buildings. So the older the stroller gets, the less you should expect in terms of spare parts. This chance is even smaller with unknown or low-cost brands.

Also good to do - google stroller workshops, pushchair experts, and stroller repair services around you. There might be none, but you might get surprised.

The last, important thing to underline here - expect that much less from a cheap brand. They are cheap for a reason. So much so, that a spare frame or a carrycot might, in the end, cost you more than the stroller is worth. True story.

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