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CHOOSING THE RIGHT STROLLER: The importance of having a priority

Mar 2021 | Eli writes & you read in 3 min
TL;DR: A 100% perfect, all-the-bells-and-whistles, has-it-all stroller/pram doesn't exist. You'll do yourself a great favor identifying what your lifestyle needs the most. So, what is the main priority?

You are now expecting (or trying for) a baby. With all the joys (and morning sickness), you will eventually start to pick a stroller system. The picking is fun even if somewhat chaotic, not being able to orientate in the number of stroller types on the market... And there it comes. With all the bits of advice from your friends and family (or ultra-smart articles on the web), your stroller needs will, in my experience in guiding first- (and second-, third-) time moms, start to encompass all kinds of features. It will seem it should be: lightweight & compact; with a reversible seat unit; with all-terrain (but no-maintenance, who wants punctures) wheels; with soft suspension system rocking your baby to sleep; with excellent maneuverability - while looking like a luxury/colorful/cool/modern model - while being affordable - or plainly cheap.

The bad news is, you can't get all the features in one stroller. That is why there are different price and weight ranges, different types, designs, brands... Each has its own advantages AND disadvantages. No going around it, even if you are willing to pay anything.

Imagine a car - a very small city car you can fit & park anywhere. And that same car should also need the least gas possible, WHILE BEING a jeep to enjoy a terrain ride in a forest. Could you picture that in your mind? Me neither.

Don't expect to get it all. No stroller, pram, pushchair, buggy, stroller system has all the functions that come in handy. Just like with anything else, concentrate on a few (literally, a few) points that are important for you and your lifestyle.

I mean, having an all-pink all-terrain pram with your firstborn daughter is awesome. But if it looks good - and that's all, you'll only be happy with it the first weeks. An overly heavy/bulky model that you don't (or barely) fit in your car boot, or one that you can't even lift up a curb, or one that is large (while you are petite), making you not see your way will tire you the moment the child starts to grow (and that's almost immediately). Rather compromise on terrain capabilities if you, e.g., travel often or are rather short. Or sacrifice the want for something super small, super handy, if you live somewhere with holes and bumps ONLY. There's only so much comfort you can get.

Just think of those motivation 'I'll-lose-some-weight-one-day' jeans you NEVER wear. Why? Because it's painful. And such will also be a beautiful stroller that you'll find difficult to use. Pick a priority (or a compatible set of priorities) and understand other features will have to be adapted to the most important needs. Believe me, a pushchair you can push so that you barely know you're pushing is the best pushchair for you.

You can pick a great stroller if you choose the most important thing or two for you and accept that other features will not be as great. If you know what you need and the stroller fits your lifestyle (and other lifestyles, it doesn't), strolling will be an everyday pleasure. Just try to think practically and put emphasis on what you will really make use of most of the time.
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