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Would the Joolz Aer be a good choice for an occasional use stroller for a 3.5yo (after the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2)?

Libby • 05 Feb 2024

Hi again! I have the Baby Jogger GT and it's great for my tall weighty 3.5 year old however, I would like to downsize to something that folds nice and small but is just as roomy - or near enough. We don't need off road capability anymore as we use a unirider for that but we need a stroller for days out, walking to town etc. Would a Joolz Aer be a good choice for an occasional use stroller? My daughter weigh 16.5kg and is tall too.

Thanks again for your help Eli!!

Libby and Merry

Eli • 05 Feb 2024

Hey, Libby and Merry,

Honestly, if you need something comparably roomy to the City Mini GT, you might be a bit disappointed - the strollers of that (travel) size are simply much narrower. If it's for occasional use, though, I think you'll be ok, you just need something with a tall enough backrest, which the Aer will be good for, and I can recommend getting that one. Again, though, count on the seat being smaller/narrower, and the wheels much smaller than what you're used to. If space is, however, important to you, I would not really downsize here.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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