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Will the Baby Jogger City Premier adapters for an Uppababy car seat work on a BJ double stroller?

Cassie G • 26 Aug 2023

I have a Baby Jogger City Premier stroller with attachments for my Uppababy car seat.

We are having our second child in November and trying to decide on a double stroller, I just found out the City Premier doesn’t allow for a second seat to be attached.

I was thinking about ordering another city jogger as well as second seat adapters. Hoping to be able to use the City Premier Uppababy adapters for our carseat and City Premier seat that we currently have in the new City Jogger stroller I'm planning on ordering. Do you know if they will fit or not?

Eli • 26 Aug 2023

Hey, Cassie,

I am sorry, but I am not sure I understand which stroller do you want to order. If you mean the single-to-double Baby Jogger City Select / Baby Jogger City Select Lux, they yes, the Premier adapters should work on those.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.