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Why is the Bugaboo Fox better than Lynx in your opinion?

AT • 28 Dec 2023

My last question for you! Why do you prefer the Bugaboo Fox over the Lynx? I’ve heard the Lynx is a bit sleeker and lighter, but the dimensions are basically the same and weight difference is minimal. Fox seems to be your favorite. Thank you!

Eli • 28 Dec 2023

Hey again, AT,

I would say Fox is the "full-featured, original" model and Lynx was made so that it would be a simplified, a bit smaller-wheeled version of Fox. They made it a bit more affordable, and simplified a few things and made the front wheels smaller (those make for the most of the pushing comfort) - so the Lynx is still just fine, but the Fox is superior, and made like that. That is why I prefer it, even pre-owned.

That being said, the Lynx is not a bad model, so if it suits your needs better, no worries there. It, however, isn't that much cheaper when one needs all the accessories, which is what would guide me back to Fox, ultimately (probably - again, it depends on where and what you need).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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