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Which TWO car seats at the same time is the iCandy Peach 4 compatible with?

Nicky_G • 01 Sep 2023

We have an icandy Peach 4 that we will be using for our twins when they arrive. We are looking to get car seats that fit on to the chassis (with adaptors) and believe the Maxicosi Cabriofix is the only one that is still made that was tested on the 4. Is this correct? Or are there any others? Really hoping you can help x

Eli • 01 Sep 2023

Hey, Nicky,

From what I've seen, the adaptors and the officially stated compatibility hasn't changed. The Peach 4, with the adaptors, is officially compatible with:

Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix, Pebble and Pebble Plus, Joie iGemm – in double mode

Maxi-Cosi Cabrio, Pebble, Pebble Plus, BeSafe iZiGo, Cybex Aton Q, Cybex Cloud Q, Nuna Pipa, Kiddy Evo Lunafix and Kiddy Evolution Pro 2, Joie iGemm – in single mode

However, on their website, I found this, so I would say you have even more options:

Your -very berry- Eli.

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