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Which stroller to get after our system with the board was stolen? Tall children, tall parents.

Maria • 04 Mar 2023

We have 2 children! One 3 years old and one 10 months! We used an Anex m type with a board for the toddler. Unfortunately, the stroller and the board have been stolen. We now have to buy something else.
We were satisfied with the Anex m type.

Except from the folding and the unfolding of the stroller and the space that it needed in the portbagage.
I don't know if it worths to give a lot of money for our new stroller now. And we are confused. What would it be preferable to buy? Is there any easy folding stroller that is easy and smoothly going as well, that can stand a board for the second child?

It is noted that both of the children are tall and we, the parents are tall. We wouldn't like to bend ...
Am I asking a lot???

Am really looking forward for your answer.
Thank you in advance

Eli • 05 Mar 2023

Helly, Maria,

If your stroller system got stolen and your kids as well as you as the parents are tall, I would definitely look at strollers that only forward face now. They will last you more and are also less expensive. Also worth checking are the second-hand pre-owned options, you can buy a better brand cheaper (e.g. a Baby Jogger City Mini GT would be a very good choice like that).

From the less expensive brands, perhaps the Kinderkraft Grande could work, though it will be a big difference compared to the robust system you had. I would also suggest a Camarelo Eos after that pram though I am not sure where you're based and if that is available around you. Lastly I will mention the Joie Mytrax to check out.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.